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Name: Nichole
Nickname: Nickiepie
Hair/Eyes: brown with black lowlights/blue and green (both eyes are blue and green XD)
Favourite Bands: Versialles, Kalafina, DBSK/TVXQ, Beyonce (i know she's not a band), 3Oh!3,Skillet, Nightwish, Michael Buble
Favourite Colour: Peppermint Red
Favourite Flavour: peppermint XP
Favourite Class: German
Favourite Art: Anything Artist-sama draws and photo-realism
Favourite Food: Dinner Rolls (please don't ask XD)
Scale of 1-10 of how much she wants her own manga: 25+

Heart you all! And you get a free hug for reading this all!!! *FREE HUGS HERE* you're happy you read this, aren't you?
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Reno's a bad boy TT__TT
I know what's gonna happen >.> Toni's gonna perv on Kaddie, adding a love triangleness >////> AND JUJU! WHAT ABOUT MY BIRTHDAY HUH!?! YOU CAN'T SEEM TO REMEMBER THAT TOO WELL!
It really hurts when you spray hairspray in your eyes...
daawwww mister darius is being a silly pants!!! he just needs to go jump Kaden's bones, that's all XD
Juju said tramp...heehee the irony.
OMG SO KYOOOT!!!! *squees and dies, since Juju's gonna kill her anyway*
Spaghetti is a bitch to clean up when you spill it on your new gray skinnies.
Spaghetti looks nummies heeheeheeeeee. Welcome back new artist-samaaaaa!!!!! *waves hi*
Highschool is hell. ....What? You expected a stupid comparison joke to go here or something?
HOORAY FOR THE NEW PAGE!!! Hahah aurora almost looks as old as Darius in this one! She's so cool she can bend the fabric of time!!! :D And congrats on the graduation Artist-sama!!! I shall be joining you in the shiny new graduate ranks tomorrow!!! *applaus*
Life is like a bowl of cornflakes, dull, bland, and it takes a SHITTON of sugar to get through.
Omgoodness cookie he's almost as sessaaaayyy as you!!! And i've already survived my hell week!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!
Pretty Wrappers Don't Make Up for Crappy Tampons...
of course you guys would have this background teehee!!! and if Darius needs any emo tips, you just send him my way!!! i'll make him forget aaaaaallll about the emo ~__^
psht Juju...YOU'RE the adorable one on the page XDDDD
@JuJu: It is a very pretty kitty man stretch. XD I LOVE YOUR NEW ARTIST-SAMA!!!! HIIIIIIIIIII ARTIST-SAMA TWO!!! *waves rapidly*
JuJuBeans....i adore you...and i adore your new artist-sama XD
owwwaaahhhh adorable kitty kitty kitty!!! *purr*
@I_lost_the_game: OMGBEAVERI'MJEALOUS!!!

@Cookie: You already know my comments. HIII!!!!! *waves rapidly*
@___@ overload on uke cuteness....amazing...
Lmao...shirtless monopoly guy picture is singularly the best thing on this page...aside from Kaden in flannel. I LOVE FLANNEL!!!
I IS ONLY STATING THE TRUTH JUJU-BEAR!!!!!!! >///////< *flails*
@Kitsune2cute: THANK-YOU! now would you PLEASE tell VulpixLover that i am NOT a pervert? >//////<
lmao...everyone comments on how sweet him kissing her hand is and all i can think is "that arrow is pointing dangerously close to Kaden's crotch"....i think there might be something wrong with me
I HAVE DR. PEPPER AND I'M LOVING IT BITCHES!!!!! oh..and good page *passes out*
cookie, you make it so fun to complain to you though. your reactions are funny XD teeheehee *donkey laugh*
cookie i love you. that's pretty much all i can say right now is that i love you and artist-sama XD and i love this page amazing the "half lidded second the minute the kiss ended" look/panel...tis my fav of the whole comic so far XDDD ilu!!!