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Uhm, it's almost 4 in the AM.
Please somebody get me a life @_@

aaaanyway, yeah, i'll update this later, let me keep reading the comica! :)

(BTW, yes i like anime!)
Wow, everyone got so emotional all of a sudden! It's pretty expected for Sindri to feel this way, actually! All of the other witches want him gone, the night things are pretty self-serving creatures and see no need to help him, Simo wants him completely out of existence entirely, Baba Yaga is disappointed in him. Not even Sisu can talk to him! Lumi is pretty much the only face he sees ever.
In conclusion: Sindri lives a pretty sucky life and prooobably deserves every last bit of it??
Probably because once he's out of the cage, he'll have to go into hiding again, and this time with no forcefield to keep the dawn people away! Simo seems to me as a very... dedicated person.
December 7th, 2012
I'm sorry but
Sindri is, perhaps, the coolest character in this comic.

Also he gives me paranoia feelings!? He's always there... always listening....
September 15th, 2012
Yeah, okay. I completely understand why you love Sindri so much. He's amazing! Gosh, I love him and his dynamic with Lumi it is the greatest one. ever.
Also congrats on the job! Hope you do really well on it, which is pretty much a given :P
September 7th, 2012
This is, perhaps, the greatest couple in history.
August 23rd, 2012
oh man, these pages are great!
Best response, Sinri. Best.
August 17th, 2012
and omg Tristan can you be any cuter no stop don't be you'll give me diabetes

Anyway, Happy Birthday from me too~ May you have lots of happiness :>
August 10th, 2012
I haven't reviewed in sooo loooong! D:
But man these last few updates? SO AWESOME.
Gosh, I can see Lumi's dynamic with Sindri is going to be the most interesting part of the comic yet. XD
Ahaha oh man. Yeesh Lumi, can you get any happier? XDD PFF
But yeah, I don't know what to say that hasn't already been said. Awesome background skills, awesome expressions, and YES FINALLY WE'RE GONNA MEET SINDRIIII
agreeing with Repsychus! Your mode of expressing how the "portal" works is so original and artistic, I feel sad that it looks like you won't be using it again! XD (It's alright, I can see sweat and tears on those patterns, specially if I take into account your mode of inking. @_@)
Also, you hands are perfect, again. Man, I love this comic.
This page is so stunning...
Those patterns!!
So let me get this straight... one can get through The Other Places by going through the center of two shadows that intersect during sunset? So it's like a portal or an alternate universe of sorts? :o
If so... can't humans just stumble into them by accident?
Sneaking time? XD
I love how Lumi can just waltz into his house for a visit. Won't he be suspicious? I bet he'll already know what she's thinking.
I have a question, can he hear everything she says? Like.. how deep, exactly, is Sindri's connection to Lumi?
Tristan gets better and better every time I see him. You go Froggy~!
I bet Lumi spends a lot of time making little mini clothes for Tristan to wear. He's so cute!
I love how Lucas just immediately decides "He's a Douche!" without even knowing him. XD
A little hypocritial, eh Luke?
Hehehehe Simo you're acting like a mom! XD Pulling ears! Silly boy.
But don't be mean to Sisu! D: Read his letter!
And yes, like everyone before me, I too must compliment you on your clothes-drawing abilities. MAN that lace!!!
I want
I'm sorry, this is immature but..

Lawrence's... butt....

Seriously though, back off Julien! Lawrence has the right to be happy once in a while! D: