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A high school kid and science fiction enthusiast.
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You jus put them on time out. And then threaten them with the sandal.
Alexander, you are so wrong if you think this makes up for what you did.
But Devon DID mention Patrick being a stoner.
Maybe it's more of a "all colloege kids smoke pot and I accept that" sort of thing?

My parents would be jumping up and down on my spinal cord if they found out that I'm a half-gay pothead! XD
Dad's still going to kick Patrick's ass for it. But he has the sense to not let Devon see. He doesn't deserve that satisfaction
Best. Page. Ever.
"I've given it a CurlyWurly. It's mine."
or even better yet, Patrick's dad is going to hold Patrick (like a douche) and Devon is going to hit Patrick, at which point Melanie snaps and kills him with fire.
Beat his ass, Patrick! It would totally redeem you for me!
Dragonthing, nooooooo!
I didn't know that Mel's blonde wasn't natural. O:
But I guess that explains why one can be so dark and the other so light from the same gene pool.
March 29th, 2011
Face in first panel = face in last panel.
Hahaha, oh god.
I was really happy with this page, I was going to leave a comment with a whole mountain of compliments and commentary.

But the freaking feminist argument killed that comment and my mood. And made me respect women even less than I already did.
Are you kidding me?
Grampa's got game?
I officially can't sympathize with Patrick anymore.

And poor Wiley!! D: D: I wish I could scoop him up and hug him. <3
So it was YOU, foreigner!
I didn't find any Easter Eggs. D: I should learn to keep my guard up, always alert!
Mmmm, the voting incentive was so perfect. And so very probable.
Oh, I hope this conversation with Melanie goes well.
February 8th, 2011
It must be genetic.
I'm so glad that there were multiple updates yesterday...
The suspense from that fight was seriously killing me!
Nooooo... no more One Inch Punch? D: