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I´m a bit mad, a bit boring and very me XD

I like reading, writing, drawing and animals. I especially love manga.
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Sorry for not updating in so long, we have internet difficulties.
Gah! Sorry for being so late!!! >.<;;
Had to prep school stuff ^^;

1.-Fear of Blood is a No-No!
2.-Boil Everything to Sterilize it!
3.-Get to Know the Tools of the Trade!
4.-Have Fun!!!

Obey these rules and become a good nurse! 8D
Twisted Wonderlands
Welcome to the circus, my lovelies!!!

Behold the deformity! Behold the raw animal! Behold the queen of the insane! All bow to queen Alice! May she reign over the wonderlands forever and ever~
I think some will find this more twisted than others.

Personally? I think it´s cute~
But kind of disturbing too. :3

(hover over it for the rest of the title~)
An anachronism is something out of place for it´s time period. A mobile phone in the 17th century, for example.

Perhaps, had Ophelia been born in a different age, her life coud have been spared...

Let´s mourn the life tht never was.
Ever wanted to meet the puppeteer?
The evil behind all good and clear,
The smile that inspired fear?
Ever wanted to meet the puppeteer?
The whisper behind every ear,
A man no one sees or hears?
Ever wanted to meet the puppeteer?
The blade behind every pierce,
The finger that every trigger nears?
Ever wanted to meet the puppeteer?
Whose shadow behind the curtain leers,
The one who looks on and sneers?
Ever wanted to meet the puppeteer?
You feel his presence ever so near,
Your heart skips to a beat, ablaze with fear.
Now you shall meet, the puppeteer...

See the controlling type for what they are, not what they claim to represent. Chances are, what they truly represent is themselves.
I hate dentists >.<;;

And forgive the "non-format", this is kinda on wood with acrylic and pens XD ^^;
OMG, so emo! 8D

Sorry, couldn´t wait until Saturday. This is an old-ish one, besides~
Such a small room
Ever so alone
Sunken in this gloom
One could go insane.

I want a kiss
I want a hug
Oh how I miss
All you were.

Why did you leave me?
Where did you go?
Lost in my misery
One could go insane.

I had you again
That last night
I felt the rain
Pounding on my shell

And you were mine once more
As I held you close
Your bloodied body on the floor
One would rather go insane.

I wished to be like you
I wished to be human
And my wish came true
When she appeared

I cut and cut at her
I sewed and sewed
Better than any fur
Had one went insane?

I´m so pretty now
I feel like I deserve you
You stay so still, I wonder how
So still, so slient.

My body slows down
I shiver in dismay
My key must be wound
Or I´ll probably die.

But no one is to be found
My body slows more
I give in, fall to the ground
And wait for you to awaken.

And I sit in this small room
Ever so small, so small
All alone, oh so alone
And I wait for you
Do you know, my friend?
One could go insane
But I AM happy!
I don´t need pills!
See how I smile?!


Please, please don´t hurt me...
I envy you... whenever I imagine hot men having... ajém... "fun" it doesn´t really happen.... that or they get the wrong address...
More than a critique, his words were pure hatred and he must burn for it!!! Burn, burn, buuuuuuuuuuurn ahahahahahahhaahahaha!!! *crazed-lunatic face*