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December 20th, 2008
Shadow just catches all balls that would hit him head-on. And ONLY those balls.
Looks like it.
There's a term for that...

It's called Tempting Fate.

Also, Back in Black is a REALLY awesome title.
I lost count how many times Ryan said 'However' in his comment.
So King thinks he can control the Gizoid through Kalinka.
His gambit has officially turned into a roulette now.
Also, lol at the Evil Overlords List reference.
Why didn't Beat go get help earlier?

Also, first. Been a while since I last was.
No, he just didn't have a chance to say something on screen. Look back at Pt 14, they're obviously both talking.
Most likely to the oblivion. There was this rumor recently that Nack would return in Unleashed. Someone who works at SoE asked if this was true, and got the response "Who's he?"
@Unclever title:
Comments pwned!
Things to ponder...
That can't be, Samus is still in Chrono Crossover (which runs parallel to 2ES).
The rescue team Shadow said he destroyed in yesterday's comic perhaps?
I think that credit card trick will only work if the numbers are dented in the card, not when they're just written on.

Anyway, as much as I like it, it'd be nice to see CC come to a close. Maybe we'll see Nack and Samus in the main 2ES comic some more, then.
Are people still doing that?
@Eternal Cry:
That's the clue here.

Also, I think Beat is also slightly offended by that insult.
Blue is answering for Kalinka, look back at Pt 9.
To answer Blue's question: yes. Why do you think there are heroes like MegaMan to do something about these catastrophes living in the area?
Actually, good guys don't necessarily have to win. Look at movies like The Italian Job or Ocean's 11/sequels.
OoT reference: 23 is number 1. A little mnemonic given to you in the Great Deku Tree to get to the boss there.

I've started to play it on VC since monday, so I know.