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I like video games, cosplaying and drawing. I'm lazy and a procrastinator...
I'm not really sure what all to write here...
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December 17th, 2010
Needs moar hands.
This comic made me cry. I can relate with Hiroyuki so, so well. ;__;

I really loved the way you did this comic, the hands and the watery feeling and all really was a wonderful way to show how the character had been feeling rather than straight out saying it. This comic really makes the reader feel something, and that makes me like this very much.
I...I keep forgetting who Quin is when I look at him because I still think of his original look rather than this. I need more time to adjust to his new look STILL...xD
Yay, first page~
And it's understandable. Besides, breaks inbetween pages being uploaded makes everyone excited once a new one is up. xD
Plus, it's better to wait awhile for a new page than to never ever get one at all~
That last panel, Warren made me think of Mugen from Samurai Champloo..xD