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So this is one of those things where, I had an idea WAY back in the day, and by the time I got to the execution of it, I realized it was kind of a stupid idea and decided to abandon it.

The front door to Zeion Co. has had three keyholes on it pretty much since the beginning and the intention was always for Mav to unlock it using his Keyblade. Specifically, he was going to use his ring to make two copies of the Keyblade for Dante and Zoru to help him. This is originally where their Keyblades would have been revealed. The idea was that the copies would have been imperfect, so they would only have been able to be used for this purpose, and then they would've disappeared, but the keychains would've remained.

However, that idea is dumb and I don't like it anymore, so I decided to just abandon it and have Mav knock down the door the old fashioned way ;P Hang a lampshade on it and call it a day ^_^

And anyway, I still have some ideas for things to do with Dante and Zoru's Keyblades...
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Ten years ago today, I uploaded the first comic to the old THD forums, in a single thread, where I'd post a new comic every day. The comics, at that point, were hosted on geocities or imageshack or something silly like that.

We sure have come a long way since then, huh? And given our passionate love of Smash, and the fact that you can now have Mii Fighters in the latest installment, we figured this would be a great way to celebrate this huge milestone.

Folks, it's been a crazy ride, these last ten years. Back then, I never thought that the comic was something we'd still be doing at this point. Admittedly, if I actually kept up a proper update schedule, we probably wouldn't be, as we should've reached the end some time ago. But rest assured that I don't plan on dropping the comic - not 'til it's ended properly, no matter how long that takes.

I want to thank all of you for reading this silly little webcomic of ours. Whether you've been around for the last ten years or the last ten minutes, I thank you. It's rough at times, trying to keep this thing going, but I love this comic, and these characters, and I wouldn't trade this product for the world :)

By the way, if any of you are interested in making your own MBH Miis, I've posted the QR codes for the Miis over on the extras page. Just bring 'em into Smash and make your own fighters! If you want to know the specific move/equipment setups we use, I can post that as well, but feel free to get creative! ;) :P
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And we wrap up the anniversary week with the usual montage of comics. Some of you might be wondering why I decided to keep the black background now that we're not on a black page anymore, but I figured it should stay black to match the others and the filler comics :P Haha anyways, tune in on Wednesday for our usual post-anniversary tradition of doing something completely different! :P
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Okay!! After about two months of hard work, the 2,000th comic is finally done!! Just after the comic's sixth anniversary in real-time, too. Seriously, missed it by a day. Ah well. Anyways, being done this comic means that now I can get back to regular comics! :D And maybe start to finally catch up for real :D So everyone, thanks for your continued patience with me, and enjoy the 2,000th comic!! :D
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MONTAGE WRAR. ...Apparently anniversaries bring about wrar moods in me. ...*shrugs*

So there we go, the anniversary treats are over. Now for a treat for me. I'm takin' a week off! (Actually 8 days, but that's not the point). I've got a lot of work to do this week, and the anniversary comics were rough, so I'm putting a series of guest comics I got a while back from SlashSlashX up for a week. So hopefully nobody minds too much and hopefully everybody enjoys those guest comics. ^_^
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Apparently Cthulhu has a rather glaring weak spot.

But yeah, sorry this one's late. I wanted Selio to have a robotic like voice, but apparently this effect is rather complicated to create. So I was gonna try and have that done for yesterday, but we couldn't get it done. So I got mad and just kinda stopped working on it, hoping we could get it done for today.

Well, we couldn't. Oh well. I'll probly go back and retcon that eventually.
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Wow. 1000 comics. Well, I think I covered my feelings on the subject in the animation itself. But man, was this comic a bitch. Lots of problems along the way (such as a portion of the frames spontaneously deciding to consistently glitch up at 2 in the morning -_-). Turned out well though. ^_^ Anyways, enjoy!
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Man was it hard to weed out the good ones this year. lol, When me and the guys sat down to pick out the comics for this year's montage, we originally picked out 65 comics. This, as you may or may not realize, is more than twice the number of comics used in last year's montage. Since I'm both stubborn and lazy, I wasn't having any of this. So I was able to weed it down to 40. But I wasn't able to squeeze it down any more than that (as evidenced by the fact that there are, indeed, 40 comics in the montage.)

But whatever, it doesn't actually matter how many are in the montage. None of you really care, right?

He's back bitches.

Heeeeeeeeeeeello dear readers! I apologize it's been so long since the last update, but we are still alive!! The first chapter of the long-awaited Zeion Co. arc is here! There are reasons this batch took so long, which I explain in the commentary files for those particular comics, so feel free to jump right in! The first comic of this batch can be found right here! Enjoy!!
Finally, for Mav, we wanted to show off two primary attributes: First, we wanted to show his newfound ability to use his wind powers without needing to use a sword as a medium. Secondly, we wanted to show how much stronger his wind abilities overall had become, especially when using his new sword, Fujin, as a medium.

<img src="/files/MavTeleportDeltaFinisher.gif" alt="Mav LLL">
Mav's light combo would've started with him forming two tornadoes around his fists, and punching them outward in two separate hits. Then, the second hit had him jumping up and kicking, forming a large shockwave of wind that went flying outward. His light finisher for this combo would've had him teleporting all around enemies in front of him, rapidly hitting them with bursts of wind.

<img src="/files/MavShurikenDeltaFinisher.gif" alt="Mav LLH">
Mav's heavy finisher for his light combo had him throwing a number of his trusty shuriken beneath him, and spinning them around in a large tornado, dealing several hits to enemies before the tornado dissipated and sent everyone it had hit flying outward.

<img src="/files/MavChainDeltaFinisher.gif" alt="Mav HHL">
Mav's heavy-heavy combo consisted of two rapid sword flurry hits, one for each hit of the combo, which would have each hit enemies several times before moving to the finisher. The light finisher for this combo had him take his chain, attaching it to the sword, and throwing it outward, spinning it along the way, then pulling it back. The sword would have dealt many hits for as long as it was out, and sent enemies flying away from him as it was being pulled back.

<img src="/files/MavTerraStormDeltaFinisher.gif" alt="Mav HHH">
Finally, Mav's heavy finisher for his heavy combo has him finally making good on an attack we've seen him preparing to use for YEARS, but until now never had any payoff. The attack, dubbed "Terra Storm", has him pull in air from all around him, channel it into his sword, then slam the sword into the ground, sending the wind into the ground and radiating outward in a massive storm that moves all around him, dealing massive damage to any enemies in his way.

I hope these animations helped clarify the action in this comics, and help explain why the hell the start of this arc took so damn long for us to upload. Hopefully, the next chapter of this arc won't take nearly as long :)
Techno's combos almost all focus on his newfound Formblade, Silverwing. We wanted to showcase his skill with the sword itself, using it in a fencing style, as well as his ability to Silvercast the blade into various shapes, despite Spectre's magic supposedly preventing him from being able to do that.

<img src="/files/TechnoSpearDeltaFinisher.gif" alt="Techno LLL">
Techno's light-light combo has him transform the Formblade into his trusty whip - slamming it down for the first hit, and executing a rapid series of strikes for the second hit, wrapping any enemies in the flurry's radius up in whips, trapping them. Then, he would transform the Formblade into the primary weapon of his former self, Rize. He would then use the spear to deliver a flurry of rapid strikes, shockwaves, and an explosive finishing blow.

<img src="/files/TechnoHammerDeltaFinisher.gif" alt="Techno LLH">
Techno's heavy finisher from his light combo had him leap upwards and turn the Formblade into a giant hammer, slamming into enemies beneath him and sending them flying behind him. Easy enough :P

<img src="/files/TechnoInfiniforceDeltaFinisher.gif" alt="Techno HHL">
Techno's heavy-heavy combo had him delivering a series of rapid strikes with the base Formblade for the first hit, and then one heavy, explosive stab for the second hit. Then, for the light finisher, he would dismiss the blade, and summon the power of the Infiniforce inside of him to deliver a large blow all around him in a flash of light.

<img src="/files/TechnoCannonDeltaFinisher.gif" alt="Techno HHH">
Techno's heavy finisher, following the heavy combo, would have him transform the Formbalde into a double-barreled cannon, firing two large cannonballs out of either end that would plow through enemies, dealing massive damage to anything it hit.
For Dante, the main thing we wanted to convey is his newfound mastery over the elements he wasn't able to use before the time skip - Earth, Ice, Light, and Darkness. (Well, okay, technically he used Darkness for a hot second back in the THD arc, but he just kinda improvised that, and didn't really know how to use it well.) So we decided to have him use the elements he already knew (Water, Wind, Metal, and Fire) for his combo attacks, and the new elements for his finishers (with a touch of lightning thrown into them, since that's his go-to element). So here are Dante's various combo animations:

<img src="/files/DanteWaterWindLightDeltaFinisher.gif" alt="Dante LLL">
Dante's light-light combo had him form a water bubble underneath enemies, which would trap them and lift them off the ground for the first hit, and then he would hit the bubble with several slices of wind, bursting the bubble and sending enemies flying for the second hit. His light finisher would have behaved similarly to Zoru's heavy-heavy-light finisher, charging him up with Light energy which he would use to zip across the screen. Then, every enemy in his wake would have taken several hits of lightning, the last of which would send them flying.

<img src="/files/DanteWaterWindEarthDeltaFinisher.gif" alt="Dante LLH">
Dante's heavy finisher from his light combo was probably the one I had the most difficulty portraying accurately in the still comic. He would earthbend several boulders out of the ground, and chain them together with lightning. He'd then take the boulder-whip, swing it around him, over his head, and then slam it down, hitting any enemies in its path and bringing them along for the ride.

<img src="/files/DanteMetalFireIceDeltaFinisher.gif" alt="Dante HHL">
The first hit of Dante's light combo had him forming a large metal pillar out of the ground, popping enemies in front of him upwards. For the second hit, he would hit the pillar with a burst of fire, breaking the pillar into many molten chunks which would fly out and hit enemies, weighing them down to the ground. Then, the light finisher would have him form a floor of ice, causing all enemies to slip, and he would finish them with a large spray of lightning.

<img src="/files/DanteMetalFireDarknessDeltaFinisher.gif" alt="Dante HHH">
Finally, the heavy finisher for Dante's heavy combo had him forming a large black hole, which would suck enemies in. He would then compress the black hole down, and zap it with a large bolt of lightning, sending all of the enemies flying outward.
And this right here is one reason (of four) that this batch of comics took so long. It wasn't even just that making four comics like this (and yes, each guy is getting one) took so long in and of itself, but to tell the truth, the original plan was actually to have the entire arc thus far leading up to this moment, and have these fights actually be playable - similar to what we did for the 5th anniversary, though less platformy. You would have chosen one of the four characters, and been set loose on a bunch of IDOLs - something like a cross between a side-scrolling beat 'em up and a 2D Dynasty Warriors. The idea is that each character would have a light attack, and a heavy attack. You could chain two matching attacks together, and then follow up with either a light finisher or a heavy finisher - this would lead each character to having four combos: light light light, light light heavy, heavy heavy light, heavy heavy heavy.

Unfortunately, real life intervened, and Drew and I determined we just didn't have the time to devote to such an endeavor. However, by this point, I had already made most of the animations for all of the guys' various combos and finishers - and so I decided to use those concepts and sprites for these comics. And since I had already made all the animations, I figured I would include those here for all of you to see as well! Hopefully seeing the attacks in motion will help clear up some of what's actually happening in the comics ;P

With Zoru, we wanted to emphasize two things: his improved control over his fire abilities, allowing him to use it more skillfully, and also his increased overall power. To that end, here are the various combos he had:

<img src="/files/ZoruFireballsDeltaFinisher.gif" alt="Zoru LLL">
Zoru's light-light combo had him doing two quick fire swipes on the first hit, then crossing the two together for the second hit. The light finisher from this combo had him firing a barrage of fireballs, followed by one large one that would plow through multiple enemies.

<img src="/files/ZoruDemonDeltaFinisher.gif" alt="Zoru LLH">
Zoru's heavy finisher from his light combo had him transform into his demon form, and clap his hands together for a huge burst of flame, knocking all enemies around him away and dealing massive damage.

<img src="/files/ZoruDashDeltaFinisher.gif" alt="Zoru HHL">
Zoru's heavy-heavy combo had him spring forward and kick up a burst of flame for the first hit, then slam the foot back down with a second burst for the second hit. The light finisher from this had him dash across the screen, dealing damage to everyone in his path.

<img src="/files/ZoruSpinDeltaFinisher.gif" alt="Zoru HHH">
Zoru's heavy finisher from his heavy combo had him spin through the air, forming a wheel of flame around him as he rose up off the ground, dealing several hits to enemies as he rose. Then he would slam down, bringing enemies with him, and dealing massive damage in an explosion that would hit everyone around him.
Oh man, I have been waiting for these comics for so long you guys! Post time-skip, FINALLY getting to show off the new designs for the guys ^_^

Honestly, the whole seed of the idea for giving the guys new designs after a training period started WAAAAAAAY back during the third anniversary. At the time, one of our readers, reedtail, made a comment saying that that comic would have been cooler if Mav, Dante, and Zoru got new outfits for it, and I realized - he was right! All the way back then, the idea of giving them new designs started bouncing around in my head, and over the years we tweaked them, redesigned them, tweaked them some more, etc. etc. until we ended up where we are now! I'm pretty happy with the new designs :) So reedtail, if you're still out there - thanks for the suggestion! ^_^
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<embed src="/files/MBH1096.swf" width="300" height="300" AllowScriptAccess="never">
And here it is, the moment you guys have been waiting for... THE THIRD ANNIVERSARY COMIC WRAR. And it's a doozy, if I do say so myself. Now, I feel obligated to say a little something: Not all of the events depicted in last year's anniversary trailer have happened yet (I'm bad at estimating time... We've established this. lol) Now, ordinarily, that wouldn't have any kind of impact on this year's anniversary comic, but I kinda came up with this idea, and most of the animation ideas like, last year. Maybe 6 months ago at the least. So I can't guarentee that the enemies portrayed in this animation are gonna appear in year 4. Like I said, I'm bad at estimating time, so we'll see. Either way though, hopefully this'll wet your appetite (and with any luck, cause massive confusion, 'cause I love watching you guys squirm. >:D)

Anyways, the cameo comic that people've been sending me sprites for is tommorow, so be sure to look forward to that! ^_^

Oh, and for those interested, the song playing is a self-edited (and by "self" I mean "Drew") version of "M.I.A." from Avenged Sevenfold's City of Evil album.
At last! We've reached the beginning of the end! It's been a long time coming, but the next arc... Folks, this is what we've been building up to all this time. If you've read this batch of comics I've just put up, then I think you have an idea of what will be happening next... If not... Well, read it!! The first comic of this batch can be found right here! Enjoy!!
More comics! Hooray! So I actually have a few more than this made, but it's gonna be a while before the storyline is actually done, and this seemed like a good breaking point, so happy viewing! This time we left off right at the end of a storyline, so if you just use the storyline banner link, you'll get dropped where we left off. Enjoy! :)
Merry Christmas! We're not dead!! :D

Yes, I still intend to finish the comic out, and here's the next arc towards that goal. Sorry it took so long.. This year's been a roller coaster for me. All of the things that other people hated about 2016 happened, plus one of my best friends passed away over the summer. But, Cassidy and I also bought our first house and got married this past October. So very bad things but also very good things happened :)

Anyways, with this, we finally begin the approach to the comic's endgame, and the stuff I've been really excited about all this time! I'll try and get the next arc out quicker, but we'll see. But I still have every intention of giving the comic a proper ending (or at least as proper as the recap style comics are). For now, though, go ahead and click the storyline banner to pick up where we left off (or just click here :P)

Until next time!
Alrighty! Well folks, at long last, here's the conclusion to the Sheijin arc! Forgive the delay, I've been very busy over the last few months; in December, I proposed to my girlfriend (now fiancée ^_^) Cassidy, and we're planning our wedding for this October. Meanwhile, I started a new job at the beginning of March. And now Cassidy and I are in the process of buying a house, looking to move in at the end of June! All of that in addition to the normal life of working, gaming, musicaling, etc. :P

Anyways, for those of you that wanna jump back, the first new comic is here. If you wanna jump back farther, use the storyline dropdown :P

I dunno when I'll have the next arc ready.. Probably not for several months. But I'll still be around on the comment boards if anyone wants to chat, has any questions, etc. So, until next time...! ...Uh. Bye! ^_^