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That looked like it hurt.

Also, I think I'm gonna phase out the mirror site. I'm tired of updating it, ComicGen hasn't gone out in forever, and I don't think anyone even uses it anymore. Am I wrong? :P
Oh shit, it's on now.
Aaaaaaannnnd now Dante can Metalbend. Granted, his abilities with it leave a lot to be desired, but it's a good start. Especially since he literally picked it up on the fly.
So let me explain what happened in this comic, since I'm not convinced it's clear. Dante formed a large tornado and knocked Techno up in the air. Techno was spun around by the tornado a bit, but then used the centripetal force to propel himself towards Dante at an incredible speed. Dante was almost caught off-guard, but managed to catch Techno's whip as he attacked with it. And now, Techno's fucked. :P
Y'know, I've given it a great deal of thought, and I've concluded that it's Dante's ability to defy the laws of physics and electrocute himself without actually harming himself that impresses me the most.
Oh shit, Techno ain't playin' around.
In case you didn't get it, Dante was exploiting the famous "make it really hot then make it really cold and it'll break" tactic to break through the earth dome. However, he appears to have broken through Techno as well...
Boy, for never having used earth powers before, he sure has gotten good at exploiting that loophole.
Oh man, now Dante's PISSED. That can't end well.
...Welp... Can't say he didn't deserve it...
I dunno if it was really clear, but Amethyst and Yukira were indeed still alive at the end of the battle - not even really hurt, just really fuckin' exhausted lol
That's what you get for having faith in your friend, Mav.
I feel like this punchline is awkwardly phrased, but I couldn't come up with anything better. *shrugs*
Hehe, he ruffled his hair ^_^
A wordy bastard, that Yugideo..
Y'know, I have to say, as much as I find his character shamefully obnoxious, I'm QUITE pleased with how his sprites came out :D
Bonus points to those that can identify the tune :P
Were any of you actually around back in the days that Nucle was around? :P
Anybody got any guesses as to what he means?
Actually, Author's not quite right here, but he doesn't know that (obviously) :P