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No one dies a virgin, cuzĀ“ life screws us all.
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okay, hold back, i am going to give a ROUGH critic now.


Characters: a couple of nice and original ones in here, such as Sigma, but too bad about some of the overused ones, obviously inspired from BnG. i state Bass being friends with Roll and Mega. nice job on protoman tough, he actually comes over as how he's supposed to. 7/10

Writing: pretty good, with not too much spelling mistakes. sometimes too much text is used to state something tough. 8/10

Plot: Sigma kills Dr. light, and X and Zero follow him. Sigma ends up with Wily, and X and Zero with the good guys. been done before. alot.

Art: it started nice in the first few, but big-mouthed Bass looks strange, and your author (which is a big no-no by the way) is an edit. better then a recolor, but it would be better off without him. 6.5/10

Backgrounds: too bad. started out pretty good, and no two tones. actual game backgrounds. they fitted in. really good. alas, then Halloween and the Cameo-fest.

Effects: those vary. same as with the backgrounds actually. take a look at when sigma time travles. nicely done, and nothing too much inserted. now look at the water in your last comic. and to make it less believable, blues wasn't even dripping.

Misc: you need a line around your textboxes, and make sure the text doesn't hit the corners. you also be better off by breaking free from your 4-panel mold. it makes it seem like the average BnG rip-off.

Jokes: nicely done, you also know when to place a dramaticc moment rather then a forced joke. the 'here's jonny' one also amused me, and (TIP) the camera angle was a big factor in that laugh.

Overall: a nice comic in which you can see went tought into, just not much enough in some places (storyline). if it didn't look like the standard BnG rip-off, it would've looked way better i think. shame that the latest cameo fest got the scores down that much.

TOTAL SCORE: 54.5/90= a mere 6. and too be honest, i went a little too high with some scores too. please, delete the fillers, and people will see a much nicer comic. if you insist on keeping them however, i suggest making a second comic series in which all fillers and such go.

try straving for at least a seven. i can see this one has potential, but it isn't coming out.
busy huh? seems like everyone is nowadays. except for me, i don't do anything at all, except school.
please... will you change the size of the letters? it is DANG hard too read, and looks like shit. (sorry if i was TOO harsh)

[edit] sry, my bad. it is either this computer, or the site itself, cuz' it is everywhere else on SJ too. sorry about that.
January 28th, 2006
nice. i can almost FEEL a battle with X.
January 27th, 2006
why is the yellow wall not transparant in the first panel, and transparant in the last?
what the fuck? this comic makes no sense at all. so is your previous. blurred images, crap talking recolors... do i have to continue? it. is . CRAP!

[edit] what's up with the eplanation, on the top of yhis page? it is just some leet, and what i recognize about it, it is something like licking dicks, your mother in a bath-tub, et. etc. really. at least do it serious.