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Another apology
I know nothing happens in this comic, but I felt it needed to be made >.>
It's dude :D
Thanks for the comment ^.^
I know, I know...
...Sorry it's so text-heavy, but I felt it was needed for the intro, to make up for it, many of the future comics have no text at all!
I'm baaaaaaaack :D
New comic, new format, new...Well that's all that's new. But enjoy anyway!
I know!
I can't believe that. Diddy Kong sucks :|
Yeah, Or if you have a REALLY good Pc then get it for the Pc. I mean really good, high line DX10 kinda thing.
My computer is decent and runs it at 20 fps xD
Well, there goes his holiday in Mexico.
I know I know.
It's not a funny comic, I just made this one to test out sizes and the such.
Ok guys, I'm moving site to
I'll still post the latest comics here until I reach comic 25, after that it's just the one site.
I figured I should post it here since y'know, no one seems to read my news page >_>
Lol, yes its wrong. But dont complain untill that story comes round.
Yes, I'm well aware of that :P
Soooo Sorry
Please bare with me!
I will start updating regularly, I promise!
Liar Liar joke, very well executed though. -Fav'd-
@Den: I might, I initially started it as part of a competition against a friend of mine, but he pulled out. But once I get back into the full swing of comicing Tales of A Hand may start up again.

@Weswammy: That's why I made this comic, the only other Smash Bros comics I could find was an extremely badly made one on some forums. And I like Smash Bros, so I thought "If no one is making decent Smash Bros comics I'll need to do it myself!"
I'm Baaack...Again.
I'll be updating randomly this week and then starting a schedule next week. Hopefully I'll stick to the schedule till the summer holidays, when I will add update even more.
I make my textbubbles by writing the text and then adding 2 pixels of stroke.
I had lots more sprites planned for the last panel but I couldn't fit them in ^_^
I would like to say that they don't represent how I feel about the games but I would be lieing.
Diddy Kong and Sora will NOT be in Brawl, Sonic and Megaman might though >_>
Also, I think G&W will get Axed.
Enjoy the comic anyway!
Sorry (Again >_>)
I've been busy with exams lately and I haven't had enough time to make a comic. They end this Tomorow though so watch out for a comic sometime between then and Monday ^_^
I'm sorry that the sprites look like crap. My settings on Photoshop were all changed by my Dad and I don't have time right now to change them >_>
Anyway, the next one will hopefully be up tomorrow and the sprites will look a lot better.
I like the way Fox looks now. Except for his boots. They aren't visible in that screenshot but those things are huge O.o