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If I could describe myself I would put something here... but I am what you would call..."nondescript".
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I would've played had my internet been working *slams head on keyboard-(09b oijlk*
ok i see what hes saying here... These sprites only examples, the bare-basics of the idea hes trying to get across. Even though theyre only recolors the concept is more original and unique to a specific character or characters.
there's an MMD youtube video with Cloud and Squall arguing over who's the "real man"... 0.0
yes yes it was william
alright. that is ENOUGH with the immaturity! QUIT FIGHTING LIKE A BUNCH OF PRE-SCHOOLERS AND APOLOGIZE!! I'm sick and tired of petty arguments and irritating people who dont seem to get it when we've had enough! It's not gonna work, people, so just STOP! ><
Mental note: PMS is just as bad as lasers.
@ Slyfer
We are all entitled to our own decisions. If Bravery feels he needs to leave, then that is his choice. It is not our place to judge, and being a family here at EoR, we should support him in his decision and be happy that he may find a site/artist/comic community that has users that are friendlier than some of the C+C Junkies we have here on SJ.
lol yeah, for a joke. but i think thats the whole point, huh, mckayla?
Based on an actual conversation with a friend...whom happens to actually be McKayla!
Panels 8-10 = EPIC WIN!!

Tails SuperHero Fly ~ ♥
well...once a month.
she becomes eeviil...
and no one can defeat her...
Dregan is right. if sonic had a female sidekick it would become less of a children's show/comic/game/whatever because of sexual tension. that would give the creators reason to create other characters that were jealous of sonic and tails. there would also be more inappropriate jokes, less good will, and amy would lose her place as sonic's self-appointed girlfriend and either NOT be in the story, or be a guy.
sonicXfanchar? ...yeah. they are annoying, arent they? who put this up, anyways??
*falls off the chair laughing*
*falls over laughing* too...funny...!
its male-female and they still have clothes on...its not innapropriate at all!
Pay the Ferry Furry
I am TOTALLY obsessed with this Anime called "Hell Girl" (thats why my avi is that symbol) I cant draw anything but furries, so i decided to turn Ai into a cat! this makes sence because in anceint Egyptian myths cats were the guardians of the underworld, or , Hell, and Ai's purpose in the show Hell Girl is to free people of their tormentors by ferrying the tormentor's soul to Hell. Of course, it's up to the person being tormented whether or not they want to do this. You see, in the show, once you have Ai take someone to Hell, you must go there as well, but not until you die, of course.

obviously this isnt my best work. here soon i'll redraw it and save it in a format that doesnt do that weird thing with the colors.