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Not ero!
Not fujoshi!
Not stalker!
I p-promise >u>;;

Pleased to meet you m(_ _)m
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Ohhhhh, I love her so hard ♥♥♥ XD
"feeling sick...?"
You know, if you published this, I would buy enough copies to line my walls with bookshelves ≧3≦ ♥
huu you draw chibi so cute~~~
Ryou is so sweet aww~~
Uhaaa, who could this girl be, waiting mysteriously outside the door?
Oh-! She's gonna confess her undying love, is it--*get shot*

Yesyes outward opening door *u* ehehe~
Awww, they're awfully cute for a delinquent and moron! Huuu your art style make anyone look good~
From this moment forward I officially ship pairing DelinquentxMoron--*get hit* 8D