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I did save in .png, Spidow, but the file size limit didn't let me upload it.
Seriously. Don't smoke.
Meet Fox Bailey and Sergant Danger, partners in crime. These two are secret agents from another universe. They used a cloaking device to blend into the crowd.
Copyright time!
Fox Bailey: Original sheet by ZinDinTimeYUM, Will Justus, Bruno The Rhino, Litman Damien, Hyper Knux, Supa Chao, Lightning TH and much2much.
Motorcycle from a Shadow The Hedgehog sheet
Tails Doll (c) SEGA
Beetle Bailey (whom this character is based off of) (c) Mort Walker and King Features Syndicate
Sergant Danger: Original sheet by themysticalforestzone, Chaos Studios, Polar Koala and GARDOW.
Cat Mikey Simon: Mikey Simon (c) Nickelodeon/Animation Collective. Original Blaze The Cat sheet that was modified to make this char was made by Sonow and Scrap.
Blame Carmenliza on DA for the Mikey smoking bit.
Also, blame the file limit for the JPEG-ness.
What about this comic?
Are we still going to continue this one? Because I have an interesting plot twist for AFC.
Hey guys
I'm making sprites for my duo. I'll have my intro done by next week.
I'm making a sprite sheet
Is it okay if I have a duo instead of one character? They'll both share the same room.
seriously what the hell