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Red Jack Comics
My hobbies are drawing, 3d art, playing classical guitar and anything to do with cars :D. I'm new to web comics but I've been a fan of comics some time now and want to make my own.
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    Tony Kraft
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Hey, I just wanted to let every one know we have a new character in our character pages. Kris10y33 sent me her page about a week ago and I just now put it up, sorry about that.
I'm easy going, so I'm up for anything. If you decide to change some of the rules later that's fine, because when you made the rules we were just starting out, so some of them may need to be fine tuned. I personally don't understand how 3 pages per author could be a problem but maybe I'm just not seeing the whole issue. If the chapter seem to be getting long at say 26 pages It wouldn't hurt my feeling if we end that chapter before I was able to make my 3 pages because there's always the nexts one. Anyways what ever changes are made I'll support them and thanks for including everyone in on the decision making.
Sorry it took me so long. But here's my page, Mizuki's story will tie in a little later in case your wondering.
I'm going to make a page tonight after work, so it should be up around late tonight. I couldn't make it home last night to make a page like I plan on, because of the snow we got(not a lot but a enough to keep my car from making it up steep icy roads) And cris10y33 I'll put your character page up later to. Also just a reminder, we need a character page for afro again.
I would love to post the next page. I'll have one up Sunday. If someone wants to make one before that let me know.
Best of luck to you.
Yeah sorry, just not feeling like this is for me if things are going to be like that. I'm out.
I was the one that made the character page. I can link your picture to the character page if you need me to. Oh and if anyone wants to improve the page go ahead. I made it pretty basic.
I know how you feel I can't get my scanner to work right now or I'd make up the first page. I just moved and can't find my power cord. Maybe I'll buy a new one tomorrow. If not someone else can draw it. Oh and how are we writing this story, 4 pages at a time then someone else picks it up or is there a main story line to follow. I never hear how that worked and I didn't want to start writing and then be told " We weren't going in that direction as far as the story go's)
And I do know the basics, that it's a hospital/horror. And I'm guessing we want to keep it realisic (no sci-fi or fantasy stuff.) I also want to know are we keeping this PG-13 or can we use forensic type blood and gore. Not to be gross but this is a hospital manga and sometimes blood and somewhat gruesome images can be common place. Sorry for the long post but I need to know so if I start writing.
I love the blood slatter. I hope we use it. I'm not going to try to make one so that one less author to give a chance to make a banner for the comic. but we'll see what everyone wants to do.
Ok here is my intro. I never know what to say about myself. But I had fun drawing myself in a dark western style :)