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Doubtful I'll submit anything, but I might do if I ever work out how to create a viable peice of art ^^

I'll read your stuffz though!

I'm making a profile thing, and smackjeeves spelt messenger like 'messanger'
This amuses me
- to MLIA!
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As you dare? it punctures dark small, this sand monkey can chingar to you! I am a military man, donkey and your you are a guard cabron in one chafa cell of carce!

Thankyou babelfish for uhh
confusing me?
Great page, made me laugh :D
heheh ^^
I love the expressions in this :D
Is it weird that I really like the shape of the witch's head in this?
Either way, it's a really original comic, and I'm completely loving your art style ^^
oh woww, I laughed really hard at this
and then sneezed a lot O_O
but yes, very well done comic :DD
In the 5th panel
(at least I think it's the 5th one)
I thought the bandaid was his mouth
and I was all
"woah, he happy O_O"
I love the body form in the first panel! The way it's curved is very nice ^^
I fail at drawing dragons, and I really love how you do them, so you have my respect! (8
I saw it and *squee*'d
and now everyone in the room thinks I'm retarded for it >_>
Oh wells (:
ahaha I love this!
Joan's eyes are really nicely done, and Drake looks so adorabley confused/annoyed
Really nicely pulled off!
I love this perspective!
Not in a pervy way though '>_>

Just that a lot of people try to do this and can't pull it off.
I love the character, too, done in just the way that makes her seem really natural and pretty

Do you use a tablet?
This page is so expressive!
I love your storyline and art! ^^
I actually full on gasped when I saw this!

I shall have to manipulate my boy's appearance to look like this. ALL. THE. TIME.
Awesome! It's got such a giddy vibe!

One problem:
Bailey's icecream doesn't have a smiley face