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I'm 20, a cashier/CSM (red coat) at Wal-Mart and I enjoy gaming, programming, and art. I will now accept the award for shortest profile description. Thank you.
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    Matt Hackmann
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Even in his drunken stupor, Edgar was able to put two and two together better than the rest.

That, my friends, is why he is king of Figaro.
Haha, good old fashioned family racism.

And, it looks to me like the tree stand is a slightly edited wheel from the ghost train.

@SoloSasquatch: Wikipedia is usually fairly accurate. A quick search "on other sites" reveals that the info about the kufi and "Joyous Kwanzaa" is correct.
One is curious to see if the Shadow/Relm connection will be brought up.
Good Lord, it's the burning house level all over again. That part pissed me off so much, but damn do I love FFVI.
Top notch writing, per usual. Actually, I'd go on to say that it's even better than usual in this instance.
I'd love to know what the heck happened with the mix up. I sort of feel guilty for not making a Angelzora, but I had no idea. If I had my wacom on me I'd make a gift for her as well.
That would be little old me who drew it.

And, the PM I got did say Mitani (still have the PM, too).

Either way, hope everybody had a great Christmas.
Yay! I didn't get shafted this year!

Kick ass comic, man. Kick ass.
Congratulations on making it to 300, man.
This comic is even more hilarious at 4:30 in the morning when you've had absolutely no sleep.
Dude. Seriously. Awesome.
August 17th, 2007
Sorry if that seemed a little rude. Things were just going along quite nicely and then we got stopped by the Jesus lady ;-)
August 16th, 2007
Does this have any bearing on the story at all?
The idea for this came while I was watching my mom play Mario 3 this afternoon. She's not this bad, but it was rather humorous all the same.

Actually, I hate the writing on this but it'll have to do. I figured it'd be a good way to ease the old characters back into the swing of things.
THe question is: Why would she keep that peanut butter?
Last panel = awesome t-shirt line.
I figured Bob had to be the proprieter of Hell.
Ummm... I personally never said anime sucks.
FINALLY! Dude, you need to update more. Gameboyz can never die!