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About me hmm not much to tell, i work for a dog breeder and help out with the pups and in the cattery. Work is the reason im not online very much but its also where i get most of my inspration. I love animals, dragons, pokemon, VLife games, Tarot and Manga.
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Oh boy, Im guessing Oliver is trying to wind Drake up - no one can be that foolish to try and take food away from a dragon hehe.

Drake has slept, has food, and has someone else 'babysitting' his charges - he must be in a rather good mood about now ^.^
D'aww, Archeron is such a sweety. Kinda gives me an image of a tiger acting all cute and domestic. I think its the stripes ^.^
And that hair...I just want to pet it, It looks so soft, dispite it sticking up.
Aww, but who can't love having a dragon wrapped around your shoulders.
Careful Drake - Joan looks ready to bolt.
Hehe, is it just me or dose Joan look like she wants to creap away and find somewhere a little more 'human'
I really have to say that the expressions in the last pannal are fantastic, you only have to look at the two to see that they are good friends.
Ouch, looks like Drake is fighting the seal, that is going to be one hell of a backlash. I wounder if Joan's median abilities are helping him brake out, or at least bend the bars a little.
Ooo, I hope that bolt hits his heart or it is going to be a long and painful death. Not that it won't be anyway but quick is always preferred.
I am guessing that was a Teddy shot.
I simply adore that slight tilt to Drake's ear as he is listening to Joan in the second panel.
Cute baby dragon, looks like he is getting into mistchef
I think you shouid stick with a light colour background for the bubbles and black text - or start handing out headach tabs to your readers before they enter. Lovely sprites though.
I love how Drake stops Joan from any kind of "its wrong to steal" speech by makeing point of Beau-Beau. He really seems to have her sussed out now.
February 10th, 2008
Yup the game is called Creatures 2 (the one im useing anyway) Great game as you will see and i would recomend it to anyone who likes pet games on genetics (is that spelt right?)
Anyway hope you enjoy
Drake already stated in their last village that haveing Joan around teded to distort things around them to make their trip like a story so surely he should know better then to jinx it all...then again i dont think Drake realy knows how to lie low.
Great art style, this is looking realy interesting so far - fav
January 22nd, 2008
And so it starts
And here is where the story really starts and where better then with an egg. Apart from cropping non of the game images you will see in this comic have been edited - they are pure 100% real game pictures.
The next page or two is going to look quite formal and well boring but don’t worry this is just the intro so you know what the game “Creatures” is all about. Then I can get onto the fun part of hatching our little guide…
I don know if it is just me but i realy wouldnt mind snuggling down with Drake in that picture - so cute with his tail curled
I bet Drake will be pretty embarrassed to admit this little "accident" to the female Vamp they were going to drop off Teddy too. Also I would not want to be too close to Drake at the moment; he is hurt and probably on a bit of a “blood high” – the last thing Joan wants is for him to pee him off.
Ok is it just me or dose Teddy look realy sexy in that middle a psychotic, I’m going to kill you, sort of way. Ok i need help
I guess Joan is finaly getting the point that Drake is in no way "safe"