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I have been a big fan of manga/japanese comics since highschool and had a long-time dream of being a manga-ka. I love to draw, that includes painting, sketching, CGing & etc. I read all sorts of manga mostly in the romance, mystery & fantasy genre. I also own pullip & taeyang dolls and I enjoy doing photography.
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September 18th, 2009
Yay first page!! took so long to choose a proper layout, this manga was started last year... so the drawings in the beginning aren't very good (SORRY!) but please keep going and the drawings get better as the chapter goes along.. (I hope!) ^^
Amazing art! really pretty.. will read more ^^ *faves*
Your drawing style is nice! I like how much effort you put into making each page look good! :)
Woah! Lovely art! very detailed ^^
September 14th, 2009
This is a really good comic! Clean and detailed pages... like a real manga! the story is really cool too.. hehe I love the fox spirit guy ^_^
September 12th, 2009
I also like this comic! Maina seems like a really funny and also naive girl, not really annoying ^_~; I also respect that your an animator, I almost decided to study animation.. but neh.. looking forward for more!! ^^
September 12th, 2009
Wow, this is great!
your work is so professional, you could be published if you want! your drawing is really good and I like how unique it is... keep it up! :D *faves* oh and if you don't mind, do you use the computer for editing your comics? (like screentones and etc) ^^