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i'm back!!! i was originally known as PIKAFAN11 but i messed up and now i'm back!down to all who maketh fun of me!

Now on a more serious note....I'm 13 years old and have several sprite comics in the works. I haven't gotten up to publishing them yet because i'm quite a bit of a procrastinator and my dumb comp. won't save my sprites! I also have to say that most people will hate me because I support Lubzurg. I believe he's a respectable person who deserves to be left alone! Back to I said i'm a bit of a's more about me.....

Fav. TV show: Poke'mon, Digimon, Rugrats, CSI, Castle

Fav. videogame: Kingdom Hearts 2, Sonic Heroes, Shadow, All the old sonics, LoK, Corvette :3

Fav. spriter: Lubzurg, Yamazatoro, Casey the Fox

Fav. BAND: Three Days Grace, Papa Roach, Linkin Park, Skillet

I'm also a christian!
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Why must you mock recolors? If personalized they can actually look good.
It's because he picked up a mushroom earlier giving him two lives!
I to hated that level. It most certainly wasn't bland but it was terribly difficult. I hate those stupid robots at the end of the stage!
The game was sort of fun at points but then got sort of flimsy here and there. However though it sometimes got mildly frustrating having gun shoot me i realized that it was part of the story. The leader of gun told his units to destroy shadow because they thought he was evil. So there's nothing stupid about the robots and soldiers shooting him. Also it kinda' ramps up the difficulty level. And i'm lucky. I didn't have to worry about poor dialouge because the music stank so i muted it and turned my own on. Three Days Grace goes great with a good heping of Shadow in the morning...
Those are Metal Slug backgrounds! You must tell me where you found them! Also...the second panel is hard to understand...
The normal poses are still to bright. Try refining the colors a bit in photostop or MS paint. Wherever you did this. But the action poses and attacks look good for a newbie.
This is the first time i've seen something good, sprite wise from you, sky! I hope you have a sheet with more poses because this could come in handy!
Doesn't look like alvin and the chipmunks at all. Doesn't even look like a monk. :3 you proabably have to have my mind to understand that joke..
Well...i gotta' agree with the others, sky old buddy. The colors are bright. TOO bright. I feel like I need sunglasses to look at the screen...
Looks promising. Although i must say things move at a rather slow pace.
Ahhh...I to have been wanting to get rid of Cream. That voice is so darn annoying!
Your gonna' use these in a comic? Might I suggest making them a tad bigger? There kind of small.
With you it's sexy everything! Sexy spoon! Sexy spork! Sexy cloud! But still i love it!
What? How could you leave Arnas and Lucas out? In many people's opinions they were the best flash artists on the ST forum! An ST comic without them would be insane!
I just might join, later!
Very good. I haven't seen a recolor spriter like you in a while!
There would be more sensible people if there weren't so many stupid ones!
He must be taking Happymax. :D
This is so true!
Those stupid commercials tell you they can help you and then there's all those side affects. Pass!