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I like art! And video games! You can find me over XboxLIVE with this same name, Synchro593. My boyfriend plays shooters and I play most other things. Right now Left4Dead, Yosumin! Live, and Section 8 are our popular babies. XD

I sling meat. I like fantasy and anime depending on how it's done. I like zombies! However, my husband is phobic of them. Oops. ^^;

I like drawing. I'm trying to figure out how to use GIMP right now.... Who knows? Maybe someday I'll color this thing. :D
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One of these days, I should learn how to draw hands.
Sooooo I've actually had this page done for a while, I just haven't been able to use the computer for a while. For various reasons. I actually have the pages through the end of chapter two done at the moment, they just need to be colored. Whoo. :D
This page took SO long.... Does it look cleaner though?
Kai's action page: Leaping down a flight of stairs, skidding down a hallway, and putting out a fire.
Rowen's action page: Grabbing a coat.

Don't worry Rowen, you'll get there someday. :D
This is page... 54... squared...?
Oh look, it's Rowen. <3
Oh, there's my saddle.
So you guys may notice that 54 down in the corner there. I have actually skipped a page! But I was looking at the original page 53, and it didn't do anything that the next few pages wont cover, so meh! I'm trying really hard to make this look better, entirely. EVERYTHING. Serious. Thank all~
O GOD teh backgruuuundz.... @_x;
No background page has no backgrounds!
Auuuuugh that took me, like, forever. Does anyone even remember where we left off? >_<
September 3rd, 2010
Eeee Stephanie looks pretty creepy this page to me. ^^;;;
So fun. XD
Copy, GET!
Zaaaaah page 50.

This took me too long to get to. -_-

BUT LO~! For I think I have things worked out a little better now. Not the backgrounds or anything, but ya'know, whatever. Getting there! I'll be better by page 100 I hope. ^^; But yea, the next five pages are done, it's just difficult finding the time to color them. I'll get them up soon! Cheers~
Aya says: OH GOD those aren't real words?! XD
Been a while, huh? X_x;
So really, I have the next pages done. I have the next several pages done. I just haven't been motivated to color them. I have, however, been motivated to make all those Pokemon fusions... and we went through Alan Wake on the 360. We've also been playing Monster Hunter Tri! And went on a day trip thing for lots and lots of awesome food. I also actually made a group poster thing for Chaos Shatter that I would like to try to scan in and color, though it'll be a bit hectic. XD

Kisa face!(o3o)

But, uhhh, yea, I promise I'll be better about the comic. ^^;

Really though, I think my break here has helped. This is actually the six or seventh revision of this page, because I hated all the others. Seriously, terrible compositions! And I think Rowen looks maybe a little bit less.... uhhhh.... bad? ^^; Tell me what you think! :D

Anyhow, I'm just pussyfooting in some quick character development here before things get rolling. It'll be a little slow here just because I'm going to start outlining some things about the world when Rowen gets talking, but I would really rather put information in the context of the comic rather than make a wordy related text that I doubt most people would want to look at. .....Tell me what you think! :D

Heehee, yea, I'm being pretty silly lately. Sorry! XD
LOL, poor Aya. She's like my cat on a rainy day. :3
I hate being sick SO MUCH
Indeed I meant Stephanie! Don't mind me being all crazy and senile lately. :D
Movin' right along~ <3
So I actually nearly had this one done last night, but I passed out, LOL. Busy busy lately. This page actually had quite a good bit of digital editing on it, which I'm HORRIBLE AT. So it took me a while. I don't hate how it turned out though. :D

Airis loves that couch. I really didn't plan for that. Like a puppy she is.
If Airis got mad, she actually could destroy the entire town. ^^;;;;
Very cute! I liked the moral. Which was obviously that girlie things are terrible and nothing more. **cough cough** :D Cheers and congrats!
I really like that last panel.

...Actually I really like this page overall. XD
It's like, 4am. @_x;

Lookit how upset Airis is! A little ball of rage and sorrow, that one.
Yaaaaaay I'm looking forward to the animation link (because I see you said you would post it when ready in another reply here, what what?) for whatever it is you're making. Good luck on the project! :D