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I'm an action-typey cartoonist influenced by manga as well as Vertigo american comics. Smackjeeves is now my mirror/official site.

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    Chris Scott
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Updates Galore!
I updated the comic a whole bunch. Like...over 12 pages or something. I'll update more later. :)
I drew some bad windows on that building....
Toughy- Hey cool, thanks for stopping by! Yeah this revamp will continue to be much better than the original.

Latest Guest- Head shape...yeah I suppose it's a bit off. As for the bodies, I see what you mean. But I like some of the abstract stuff. Oh well, experimentation doesn't always work out perfectly. Thanks for the critisism.
Great camera angles, but unfortunatly I've always thought this early stuff looked more suited to storyboards for a possible animation than for a comic. Not enough backgrounds.
Domestic violence! GASP!

Some backgrounds would have aided the last pannel though, because with webcomics people often forget exactly where the characters are.
Another fine adventure in the Kyle and Vincent Vintage Collection.

That is to say, the Effects of Pretension.
Merry Christmakwanzaka!
Sorry for all the text, but I tried to make it readable and interesting. This is one of my favorite pages art-wise.

And Merry Day-After Christmas/Merry whatever holiday you celebrate!
Great stuff. :)
Very cool.
Hahaha...really great.
I dunno, if I owed someone money I wouldn't tell them about it. And I think that guy has a good chance of ruling the earth. They never suspect the pretty boy ones.
I'm looking at June as a release date for the Graphic Novel. However calculating in the sheer amount of school work that AP courses may force me to do, it might be later. Still, a graphic novel will definitly come out. I'm glad to hear you're enjoying it.
December 20th, 2005
Awesome. You're here now.
From the way he's smiling, I'd say someone got a taste of el 'special sauce'. ;)
Hey JillyFoo! Nice to see your comic back up where I can comment on it. Great stuff.
Actually it's lightning.
Dubba-G: Actually I did set up a CafePress account a little while ago, so I can make T-Shirts, but I'd like to finish the first chapter first. Glad you like the comic! :)
I look forward to you guys catching up on your archive from over at DD. And this is still the best photo-based comic I've ever read.
Thanks! I just made the banner today. Glad you like it.

Also this is actually the second version of this page. I got some feedback on it somewhere else where people said I should up the amount of yellow in the last pannel to make the lightening look cooler. So yeah, that's the story behind this page.
SPREE hee hee hee...
I'm on an updating SPREE! A SPREE I TELLS YA!