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I like sweets and drawing things like people whacking eachother with rice paddles.
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congrats you get nothing for christmas
Hades definitely came up with a plan to save Nike (he spoke with Kratos about it on pg. 38), and I guess Metus will be sacrificed (pg. 30)

Sorry Metus.... At least you'll end up having a beautiful daughter!
Why don't you try using that Pikachu you "stole", Atticus? XD
Awwwwww, poor Ruthie. She probably thinks he's just drunk. :(
I bet he's the short kid on Haruna's left. XD
He should be a tease and say: "I'll tell you my name if you would drink this for me~♥"

But maybe that's not young!Zeus's style. XD;;
And the fairest one of all is...
Metis's mom and dad are pretty (Oceanus and Tethys) :D~~
And this is where Zeus's legacy starts. XD
Sophie you're so amazing. ;__________;

And even back then you were a beautiful gorgeous kitty. <333
I can't believe I understood the Pokemon part. XDD;;

Black, Female(actually I like male just as much but my bros will stare at me weird when we do trades. >_>;), Water-type, 8 badges (I love pokemon so much. XD;)
Maaan, I have a horrible feeling about Metis from all this. :( *prays that she doesn't betray Zeus*
Those are very circular d's in Pid Pid's name.
Incredibly random
But I just noticed that Hades' hair thing is in a braid! Is it to show some kind of tradition?
September 19th, 2010
They're amazing. 8D
Same as Crystalgardian. Dohohohoho 8D
This webcomic gives me cavities; so cute. DB <3333

Absolutely amazing background! It's so detailed. *_*

Metis is beautiful, I already like her lolol