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Will this be the revelation many of us have been expecting or an entirely different Michelle? My guess; it's Patrick in disguise.
Happy New Year, indeed, hope everyone has a quality 2010.

Sam has a point that things will probably get worse before they get better when it comes to Melanie, but I guess this is pretty much the powder keg that needs to go off to start making things right.
I like that dreadlocked fellow, hehe.
I guess if any of our loveable cast was going to make a biting and totally irrelevant crack at religion, it would be Patrick.
Am I alone in thinking that Wiley's comment after makes Michelle's rant all the more hard-hitting?
I too am lacking an "awww" here. Most likely because there's always been something about Sam that rubbed me the wrong way.
I sure hope it isn't Gwyneth Paltrow's head.
Everything about panel 4 is hilarious.
Kara has been really awesome in the recent months.

Feel better, Gibson, although that finished Our Time in Eden is veerrry tempting.
"Never again"? Really? And then he says it's not his fault, it's Patrick and his friends?

Crazy, delusional bastard.
What are the chances that Melanie is the one who finally cuts lose and totally kicks his ass?
Crazy Devon is crazy. That last panel is incredibly ominous.
Panel 1 answers the question raised a couple pages ago; what's Devon like alone? He sits on the couch and practices looking like a total deuche.
Poor Melanie, things just keep piling up.
I've liked Kara a lot in these passed couple pages, plus she seems to be getting more out of Melanie than others have previously.
That is a sweet coloring job.
... Is there a way all 4 could happen?
That last panel is just a big, "Oh, man."
I've read through the archives for this today thanks to Gibson talking about it in PoY comments. The quality of writing and art is astounding. It really is an awesome piece of work.
And I am officially all up to date on PoY and look forward to frequenting this page as new content comes out.