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Hi im toaadd.. ^_^
perfect i like it but why does he have gloves on in the picture and not on the sprite?
September 25th, 2009
i like how you draw some parts
How old are they and their WALKING to school??!
September 24th, 2009

you spelt dollars wrong though D:
September 24th, 2009
what is this?! ;__;
oohh i like it :D

can other people join this
it looks like megaman edits
generic recolor 1 and generic recolor 2
work on your backgrounds they look sorta blurry
awe poor renny ): he is cute
whats c&c mean? D:
you never rezize to 150 D:
i like the animation, but you should try rezizing your sprites to a different size like 200-400 they look sorta messy D:
thats reallllyyy good :D definatley not pillow shaded
wow dis comik sux!!!!!! u gies git a lif!!111 U N00BZ