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I'm a bit of a delinquent, a university freshman looking into becoming a detective and writer. Favourite things include 1980s decor, tea, camp gay and Hong Kong movies. My perennial favourite singers/heroes are Robert Palmer and Yasuyuki Okamura.

If you're wondering...I flow back and forth from either gender, but I really don't mind being called by "he" or "she".
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    Fauna Crawford
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November 1st, 2013
And we're back! I'm so sorry for the delay; I work full time while taking four university courses. I promise to update frequently now!
September 16th, 2012
Meet Jason. He's about to walk into a Pinhead-coated beartrap. This could have been prevented if he had a sassy gay friend. (Still Pinhead.)
Yeah, my hair's much shorter now! I look like a girl most of the time, though, but it's really cute.
This special is dedicated to Twentydragon!

Seriously though, I'll be travelling for a good week of August, and then the rest of the month will be spent preparing for the next chapter and university, so the comic's going to be on break too! We'll see you in September!
And bam, our chapter concludes!

I listened to the same Sting song maybe 400 times while working on this. It must've done something, since the third panel makes me really, really happy.
I love drawing Antonelli, no matter what he's up to.

Also...despite the fire extinguisher residue, I just realized Lucas's wet hair here is pretty close to what his original design had.
Fun fact: Lucas was designed to have Holly Johnson's voice.
Augh, it's such a struggle to get back to work after the surgery...! The story's picking up, though, so I just can't let it die. (Also, a grand hello to the new fans! Much love is coming your way from me to you!)
Dear readers, starting tomorrow and for the next few days, I'll be in the hospital for a jaw surgery. I'll have my upper jaw moved forward half a centimetre and be spending most of my time watching Tintin and Patlabor in a morphine-induced stupor, but I won't be gone forever.

I was considering getting the next page done before then, but I felt I'd let you guys hang with a simple illustration, since the next page is gonna be fun and I don't want it impaired by a rush job. So I hope you all like Robert Palmer references...!
You really have to post these things on my Facebook wall! I only caught on that this even existed ten minutes ago when I stopped by on a chance.

But yessssss, I love this! An excellent touch with the necklace; you guys certainly know what I'm into these days!
February 3rd, 2012
If anybody's wondering what that song is in the first two panels, it's "You're So Strong" by Mental As Anything.
>check next room

>equip pants
January 11th, 2012
I know these scenes with Byrd may be coming off as really shounen-ai (oyaji-ai?) but please hang with me here. This chapter just needs to taxi on the runway a bit before it fully takes off.
Just a bit of an illustration until chapter three starts. Also, I'd like to mention that "Shameless" has been renamed to "Ice Heart".

1991 Iwao is an interesting subject to handle, especially if he's got Carrie nearby. I know I should be touching on Jack's childhood a bit more, and I keep forgetting to, since Iwao's been through more shake-ups than a paint mixer can offer.
December 9th, 2011
And here's the end of the second arc! It took two trimesters, but I'm going to throw in a few quick side stories before chapter three, Shameless, starts up next year.

I've been getting a little egotistical over the comic ever since the readers have been piling on, and I need to keep myself in check more or I'll do something stupid.

(ITT: What does anybody think of Pang Wei so far?)
November 29th, 2011
Ah, Emma, you're just in time. The boss is about to resemble a reasonable human being.
November 7th, 2011
I figure that this is a semi-appropriate time to tell you that I read Pinhead's dialogue in Michael Hutchence's voice.
November 2nd, 2011
The problem with setting my comic in a place so far away is that it's hard to draw real places. I want to say Pang Wei lives on the third floor of Westbury Terrace Condominiums, but I'm pretty sure it doesn't have that kind of landscape.

Look at all that beefcake, ladies and gentlemen.

On an unrelated note, I just found out that Cora's birthplace (also where she lived until her family was picked up by Clay in 1990), Ciudad Juarez, is filled with drug-related gang violence and at one point had the world's highest rate of murders and femicides. And oh, how horribly fitting.
October 25th, 2011
Cora's been exhaustively trained from age nine to twenty-two, not to mention she's been in rougher situations than this. How would a standard police taser knock her down?
October 11th, 2011
Pang Wei Xue was actually co-designed with a female friend, of whom immediately became interested after I mentioned I was adding a well-built gay Chinese man to the cast.

In an early draft, he was going to be a genuinely cruel man in his mid-fourties, one who was having an intimate affair with Pinhead but took advantage of him anyway for the Huixing-Giuliante Incident. It was so twisted in the original script that I could already see readers anticipating his death, but with my friend's help, we turned him into an absolute sweetie. I find their awkward date on the previous page to be pretty funny, which works in contrast to Carrie's accident.

(Note that we put together everything about Pang Wei's character and life, even what kind of underwear he wears.)