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Bubo Scandiacus
I like moonlight. The sun hurts my eyes. I do not believe in a higher authority. My parents named me Desiree, but I divorced them when I was sixteen and legally changed my name to Dia. Go ahead, look it up. Let's see how greeky, I mean geeky, you really are. I live in a treehouse i built in the park next to City Hall. I used to throw wadded up drawings at politicians passing by. Not one of them looked up. The world is f'd because no one pays attention.
I'm sad cause I lost a red umbrella I swear was magic. it never once blew inside out the way most umbrellas do.
I live with two roommates, both bats.
I can't draw. I would trade two of my molars if I could be an artist. Not the back two, but the second to the back two molars.
I worship (not in a religious way) your tremendous talent.
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    Dia Van Uber
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Still loving your work. I don't always post, but I'm always following...
your graphic novel is intense and entrancing. i am hypnotized by it and cannot wait for page 32
The dream/exploring thing is so cool and very Jungian. Did you mean it that way?
I can't wait to see what happens next. They fly through the stars? Awesome and inspiring.
I like the salon du the at the Paris mosque.
This page is intense. Troubling yet not. I agree with the other poster, we're living a dream.
I agree with everything people have said about this. It's beautiful and impressive.
To me your foreshortening is like Giotto's. But what the f do I know.
There is world compassion in your work.
I bow to that.
I. LOVE. The. Fruit. Trees.
You seem like an underground New Yorker. The galleries are cool.
Do you know Kinokuniya Books? They're pretty awesome even though they kind of moved or some shit.
wicked awesome. you are blowing my mind. never saw a comic like this before. it's like "spirited away" meets the classics. are you some kind of genius? you have to tell us.
Killer good.
By the way, I want to add you to my favorites, but I can't find the "Smack Jeeves" bar to do so. Just know that you are my #1.
That's what I'm talking about. You kick it.
I bow
To you, Wunderkammer. I've been lurking on this comic for some time. Can't see it often cause I don't have a computer and have to wait to use the ones at the library. Your stuff is scary good. MY KINGDOM if I could draw like you. Shit, my time is up on the crappy public PC. See you round.