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I repeatedly clicked the next button hoping that perhaps it was a glitch keeping me from going to the next page...

Goodness, I cant believe I just fount out about this today! Its so good~
WHY id everything you say so completely awesome?
That's all I can say...

(Well, that, and this! =>) First off, I don't know if anyone has said this yet but, Thank you so much for always responding to the comment's people leave! It really means a lot that you take the time to read and respond to them all even though it must take forever. I means a lot to me(and probably everyone else too) to know that you care about what you're fans think~
Secondly, yes! Jhonen \is\ the creator of Invade Zim. That's actually how I found out about him in the first place~

My favourite song is Technologic, and Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger is pretty high up on my favourite song list too~

Natsuki Takaya(Fruits Basket among others)>> Got me into hard core drawing and considering being artistic as a profession.
Jhonen Vasquez>> Introduced me to the vast not completely super-heroie(as I previously thought)World of Comics. He made me feel that I didn't have to move to Japan to be a successful Comic Book Artest.
Randall Munroe(xkcd)>> Taught me that Web comics can get just as popular as(if not more than) Any professionally signed and published one. And way more fun because there are no limits to what you can do~

(LongComment=FAIL... W00t)
It's looks very interesting, I'm really looking forward to reading it~
Ah No! You can't end there! You can't! You can't! You can't!
BLAGBLAGBLAGBLAG! >A< I hate him so bad! (but at the same time I feel slightly guilty for disliking someone who reminds me of Octave from Daft Punk...)

--Also, I've been looking for more bands like the Pipettes for the last month, but I haven't found anything good. Sorry--
I must admit, I love how colourful you're pages are getting~
I don't know if her reaction was necessary, but is sure is awesome looking.
I've been thinking about this lately, at the beginning of the comic Clifford was sexy and looked cool and acted suave but now he's an adorable jiggery mess~
Oh snap! It's on now...
As always your pages are insanely cute! And Amante-kun is right, you're like the ultimate master of facial expressions~ Gosh, I just love this comic so much!!!

Also. I was wondering, Have you ever hear of The Pipettes? Every time I read Far-Out-Mantic I think of their song 'Sex'~(if you haven't heard them you should really check them out <3)
It's stuff is funny, but just barely. I'm debating weather or not it's worth the effort to fav it...
February 13th, 2010
Oh wow, you inking is absolutely amazing!
Ohmigosh! This comic is so great! I love it! Omgogmogm(Sorry I'm kinda spazzing out at it's awesomeness!) It's so professional looking and stuff!! Squee! this is so epic, I totally have a new favourite comic now.<3
OhEmgee! this is sooo adorable, It makes me all squee-ie!
Fantastic job~
Edplosion: *is Jealous
Your panel composition is so brilliant, I absolutely love it <3
Wowie! Mandark's got a mouth on him!

And Dexter looks so happy, poor Susan...