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HAPPY belated Birthday and YAY more updates :3 (sidenote: I'm reading, I just don't feel the need to comment on things...yet. keep up the good work :D)
"Battle Sequence"?
More like "Dream Sequence" if you ask me.
(see i can make jokes)
Oh, a holiday themed comic. This comic always stays current with everything. *claps* LOL
@Smasher Yoshi
Well Mario has been able to kick koopa shells with shear strength in games and punch them as well in other games. So why not here?

Perfect. I never even considered that XD
jeezus, please save this comic...and save me because i'm going to +fav it
I like you already XD

@Smasher Yoshi
THANK YOU for pointing that out. When I make the next comic (starting just now) I'll look for that so see what happened.

Oh and get started with GIMP, watch a couple of videos and maybe if you get a chance to get Photoshop then you can use that and make comics. I literally only had GIMP and a youtube video when I started years ago and it wasn't that hard to make comics. It just takes patience and a lot of motivation because it gets boring VERY quickly.
If you need any help, just PM me and I'll help you get started :3
Finally, the first real comic has premiered. Granted, I feel really bad about not having it on time after promising it. So, next week expect double uploads...and fighting :3

EDIT : I Don't know why, but this comic didn't show up for you all at 5:32 when we originally uploaded. Anyways, enjoy!
Yeah we're lazy...
New comic tomorrow XD
@Smasher Yoshi
Thanks, we'll get right on it :D
@Jay Solus
Hmmm...I'll leave you with this quote. It may answer your question at some point or another...
“Remember, people will judge you by your actions, not your intentions. You may have a heart of gold -- but so does a hard-boiled egg.”
@StarMan45 Thanks :D

@BlueyKid I'm glad you're saying that now before we even get into the REAL stuff :3

@Exclane Thanks and +10 respect points for the Casshern pic lol
I know, it's a little shocking. Out of months of random inactivity Bringer & and I come back to create a brand new comic. See the thing is, this comic was planned for a long time but we weren't sure we would be able to update it until around Summer (which would be now-ish).

This doesn't mean our ride with Chrono Fantasy X is over. It will be back around August. For now you're stuck with our experiment to create a Mario sprite comic that actually has a good plot and doesn't butcher how we view these beloved characters (as various SJers like to do constantly).

With that being said, the first real comic will premiere hopefully next Friday. If not, then it will premiere Saturday. Until then, enjoy the rest of your week :3
Jimlad, did you make all those Sonic recolors? XD
This is an A+ comic
Keep it up XD
Also how did you make those light flare thingies, they are so pretty :O
I see some of the main digimon from season 1-3
I like how the thoughts contradict what actually happens
Congratz :3
I recently joined SJ and started making comics. Your comic has been true-ly a inspiration to my comics and what I do. You fanned my comic and I was SUPER excited because you really are one of the best of the best when it comes to sprite comics, and even though lately sprite comics have been on decline, you and a handful of you guys on SJ, give hope to the whole genre. I feel sad this comic is over but I'm sure that you will continue to bring great things to sprite comics, entertain, and give joy to others through your awesome comics :D
WE made this comic WAYYYY b4 any of us knew how to use photoshop or even had it lmao.
Ummm u need to watch your grammer when typing words. Destroy in panel 2 is Destory and "Who ask you" in panel 3 is in the wrong tense, it needs to be past tense as in "Who asked you" So Just double check on future comics. So far it seems you got a good plot going so keep it up :D