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Zak TH
Bitch, I'm flawless.
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The Cakes have kids?

Twins + Pip + Dinky = CMC RIVAL TEAM

New Headcannon.
That's awesome.

And you are awesome for doing it.
I don;t think this was going to be in the episode, just that castle flash game. Still hidden int he files I think.

Whatever, see how mighty your "Lunar Republic" is now why don't ya?
No, you press the "PrtScr" button, which doesn't actually print anything, it just takes a screenshot.

On the other hand, there's an "Export" button under advanced options, you could use that.
Pip is diabetus, and that ranks him up there with Fluttershy. IMO

Yeah actually. Pipsqueak is actually based of the character from a book called Great Expectations.
His legs are awkwardly spaced, but other than that it looks pretty good.
You know a comic is good when you only know a character for four panels, and still feel bad when she dies.

This is a useful thing.

I shall save it.

And then do spriting to it.
Zak TH
October 26th, 2011
I fail to see how the color black is racist in itself. If anything, this is the opposite of racism. Both consoles are just as good as the other regardless of color.
And now posting a reaction image that even vaguely references ponies is a banable offense.

Oh the irony.
Oh I know, if they wanted to make an episode about bronies there's little we could do to stop them or influence it. It's exactly those kind of portrayals that make me not want them to even notice ponies. If a mainstream media like South Park portrays bronies in a negative light to the masses of people who know nothing about it, well, things would become very hard to put it lightly.
This sounds like the best thing ever.

Bronies aren't that popular yet, we've had a few news reports and such, but we're no where near a South Park episode.

I for one am happy this is a hoax. Not to big a fan of South Park myself, and let's face it, they wouldn't portray the fandom in a positive light.
Well you've got the basics of shading down, but you're not really doing it right per say. The light source is directly to the left of cutman, when it's normally to the upper left or upper right, assuming it's the sun or something like that. Also, shading changes depending on the depth of the object, so just making it a strait gradient of shading make it look like a totally flat piece.

I could build a fucken village with the bricks I shat when she made this face.
At first I was like
But then I was like


Dear Celestia.

Someone put a cap on this kid's horn, he's going to kill us all.
So I was wondering why I never submit anything here.

And then I remembered I made this a while ago!