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I am so glad you're updating again. This is one of the first webcomics I ever discovered and remains one of my favorites!
Uh oh. Circe liking someone is more scary than anything else...
Even if it's slower or somewhat infrequent, I'm happy that you still update at all :) So thank you.
It's adorable. I think I need one...
I really like this page. The dragon is awesome.
*claps hands* I do believe in diagonal cats! I do! I do!
December 16th, 2012
Yay! You're back.
There's an H missing from thought in the first panel.

And I know I never comment, but I think your comic is amazing.
I just never know what to say, like some of the others. Your comic is amazing though.
Yay update! The little guy on the stepladder thing is funny.
It's amazing. Please continue with it.
Lol, I love the spanish! (It would be pinches gringos though)
August 2nd, 2010
That is awesome!!
Lol the spanish is epic. I'm so glad I can speak it.
hmmm...i wonder what i would see if that happened to me?
where can i get someone to give me a house like that?

it looks fine to me too
May 17th, 2010
epic...with a bat
and he's going all paraniod again...poor him
umm...i'm not very god at guessing games but i'll try anyway
3.pi (3.14159265 etc.)
i really need to get one of those umbrellas ^_^