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love drawing,anime,manga and gaming....still learning to draw manga...><
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thx for u comment. my grammer are pretty bad:P, i will improve as i going onXD
she should accept what ian stupid to think harsly on a same person-.-
you storyline simple cute ...i enjoy reading themXD
@kay-nyan:i think everyone have their own mind in story..your suggestion somewhow rude ..ask for adaption to merge in story better than ask peope to drop the storyline..btwn too much maiden kind of story..just my opinion:/
i just like how you draw her so manly looked..awesome!:P
Sure!Why notXD
Then sure exciting later one^^
Update more..Can't wait:D
your art style is cute in a way...i like it^^..hope more coming soon..hehe
you are awesome!! can't wait for next page...^^ really amazing..i like the story plot at this moment..hope more will come...^^
I was so amaze when i saw gakuen type of remake comic...nice one and keep update...^^
i think you drawn the zombie very good although i dun like zombie..nice one lol :)
you are really good....i like you storyline...
beatifully color...
really good art...look forward for new update..^^
yeh..iam first..your one still like same...funny..^^
wow...i like the shoot man...
they seem going to be a fun battle..
surprising ..ha ha
very cute ^^..but where the green crayon art gone? it didn't draw anything...only read & blue lol...