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I'm horrible at drawing
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I have no idea if Google translated this properly for me.
The First one should say "You're not slicing anyone today" and the second one should say "Shut up"
So I've been gone for a long time haha~ Yea....sorry about that!
But I'm back now! I have a new scanner and stuff so I can upload more pages! I'll be sure to get out at least a couple a week!
XD I want that purple cow. Its so cute!
awww, is the lawn mower guy leaving for good? XD I hope not! He was funny!
XD I just saw the photoshoot pics.....They're great XD do make up so much better than I can....XD man, I'm pathetic..only thing I know how to put on is concealer XD
Ah, that's probably the reason then XD

and really? I've never done a photo shoot...then again, I'm not a very photogenic person XD
Aww, I can't see the pics T^T

but it was pretty good. Went to an amusement park with my dad and brother...then it started to rain XD yours?
Now see, that's why I don't trust flu shots! They say you can't get the flu from them, but everyone I know gets sick after them! Hope you feel better soon!!
November 4th, 2009
whoo hoo! paypal ftw~ lolz this page was so cute! I love it! >w<
November 1st, 2009
XD wow, on here looking at the updates I missed over the last few days and this one pops up right when I was about to look at it XD love the new comic, loved them as Jack and Sally,...hate the mayor. XD but then again, he's supposed to be hated
That could be awesome! Would you be able to accept Paypal? I'd like a copy! ^^
haha, poor guy's business card is going into the fire >w< lolz
lolz that love math stuff was making me confused XD

but I like your art style either way XD its so much better than mine could ever be XD
October 22nd, 2009
*looks around* wow,.....I think its a general consensus that everyone wants Desta to kiss David XD

EDITED! ^^;; never post stuff when fighting a cold.
October 18th, 2009
Man...poor David is probably gonna start freaking out and trying to get out of there any way he can when he gets up....

side question. Is the cancer all the way gone with him? O_O
October 14th, 2009
XD lolz sounds like they had a Maury show going on right in front of them at the last panel XD. Though I'm really feeling bad for David XD....I wonder which is worse: Getting doped up on Benadryl but still awake, or being put to sleep?
October 14th, 2009
I do not envy him O_O just being in the ER with a needle in my hand made me get to the point where I was sobbing.....poor David T^T
XD you made my day even better! Now my 4 favorite comics have updated all in the same day >w<
Hm, I wonder if Haru'll actually eat that stuff O_O XD
Yay ^w^ an update! not a comic, but still good ^w^