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Hazel The Hedgehog
I like spriteing and makeing comics,
i have got to know alot of awsome people on here XD like,
Alex Kantal, Mach, TheProjectCore, Sumarai Pizza Hedgehog,Kwane,Meldazar, im currently working on a diffrent pokemon project that will be better then "A New Adventure" hopeflly with animation and stuff~
Note: i will be moving to a new account: my pokemon project comic will be posted there. <3
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oo ooo question what ghost type is devi? i.. cant figure it out im sorry ;o;
@Samurai pizza hedgehog: Thank you for the support SPH c:
@TheProjectCore: Don't worry im seriously gonna spend a long time on the sprite's and make a good story plot and everything i hope it will turn out great when i start making it into a comic c:
@TheProjectCore: well its not that its a serious project with top spriters that are my friends it will (hopely) be a animated sprite comic, so yeah :P
i know my comic wasent even THAT great, but i am ending it sadly (or not sadly) how ever you wanna put it, it's just i cant contiune it anymore im sorry but like i said i am working on a diffrent and more better pokemon project with my friends so yeah, better is to come.
@Darmanarya, i love werid conversations
had to reupload this since it got dealted in the old showcase, so here you go theprojectcore
this is so late and i did so litte im so sorry ;3; , where its outlined in red is the edits i made i hope you liek this so far mach >3<
not bad, you could make the hair a little longer, other then that its like perfect o3o
well yes my final look for Hazel :L and the one thats blond is my Friend Ally's fc named FikoHari o3o but i made the sprite, :3 enjoy my randomness~
so yeah first update for my new showcase, since i havent even uploaded a comic for "A New Adventure", so yeah i took the hammer and made her point up best custom i ever did xD
@meldazar, sadly im giving a spoiler if anyone reads this that is a fan but sadly they wont be a group for long ^^"
@the project core, i just felt like adding a starter from each region XD @SPH thanks :P
omg and update, so yeah its an odd amount of paneles cause i ran out what to put next so i ended it with a cheesy joke c:, i made no prof pine sprites so i used his text bubble, meet the starters there names are Terry the treeko :P Cindy the cyndaquil and squirt the squirtle c: cindy and squirt are female :3 enjoy this over due update >->
favd i love it already o3o
i love you guys 10 fans and only 5 wait..6 comics now i just coudent resit posting this (sorry filler again i guess) but dont worry i'll post somthing everyday im working on the comic but its more then 3 panels long and editing the sprites for it takes alot of time XD
i guess i'll make the guy Damien and the girl i like lauren, but Hazel naming it after me :P (i suppose) but my charecter comes later so theres already a hazel XD thanks guys c: now i can continue