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I love yaoi. That's all you need to know until I feel like typing more :3 I am working on a webcomic however, my scanner blew up in my face so I don't know when I will be able to post them yet...unless I go the main library downtown...anyways...Ja Ne for now!

XxI will not be posting any pages on my webcomics until I am satisfied with them. I will keep redoing them until it's satisfying to me and then I will begin posting.xX

Collab works: Are posted at ramdom because I am in the process of moving right now =w=
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It's the door to Eden...or the girl's locker room at the gym...pick your poison >D
I'm interested >w>
SEND ME IT!!!! How big is it going to be? Like the size of a regular manga book or printer white paper? Please tell me; I want to order one in the near future...

you can reply back with a note using my deviantart account Kisarafox cause I don't check my messages here...thank you!
Oh I can't to see her (him) try and figure this one out >3
January 17th, 2012
Pretty art...and lmfao! Kick him in the groin!!! >D
*squeals in happiness* Yay! Does this mean more new and exciting pages?! 8D *does happy dance*
LOL no loving for you tonight Shuno XD
.....I started reading this webcomic at 6:30 PM and it is now 11:43...I didn't even take the time to comment on any of the other pages and I just gotta say; WHY THE F--- IS THIS SO DAMN ADDICTING?! *bows your greatness* you should think about making volumes that people can download >w< (like chapters 1-10 can be one volume and then so on and so forth)
Teehee I wonder how other's are going to react to seeing this little merman >w>
Is that the full version of PTS? I have the trial right now but the only thing I know right now is is making lineart lol =w=
Prince? OMG Ocean is a prince!!! Didn't see that coming XD

And yeah it is dificult to draw girls with big boobs, that's why I stay away from it XD
Yeah, I am in love with Felix xD
Ohhhh commenting again cause I just noticed Vaporeon's body in the bottom right panel, her upper body seems way to thin for her bottom half (right where her waist is....unless that was on purpose then it's fine and mu eye sight maybe going) =w=b


Okay now that that's over and done with...yay, an update >w<
lMFAO I love Vaporeon's reaction when he ran XD Ocean fears big boobs >w<
o__o I think I just fell in love with one of your characters
I smiled when I saw this page >w<b

Not to graphic...oh who am I kidding, it's graphic but it's okay if it is
omg where will he hide?! I know: bury yourself in sand 8D
My theroy is he's a crazy killer posing as a psychologist XD
@Fiasco: Yeah, my shota senses were going off but I wasn't sure so I took a guess and was right lol 8D

Lol so glad you've returned janirotluvx. I was starting to worry this comic was going to die. And I just love how you make your chibi heads, they're so cute >w<