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I missed this comic! I can't wait to see more~ <3
I love this comic! <3 Luxius is so cool. XD
Keep going, it's awsome so far!
October 17th, 2009
Is awsome
This be my first coment on your comic! =u= I like it so far, I'm glad there's a story and not just smut. XD
Though some smut would be cool. ;3
September 27th, 2009
I knew that was coming, poor Sora. xp
Oh well, I'll keep reading and I really love your comic so far! <3
The perfect end for the first chapter. =u= I can't wait for the next one~
Go Moose, you rock!~ ;3
I really can't wait to read more, I'm hooked. X3
Can't wait to read more! <3
I hope they're going to be alright!
On repeat
I died a little when Fip first told us that story~
Then he told it twice more and my soul cracked. X3
This character is frikkin awsome. >w>