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OMG it's been a whole year I miss you T.T
dammit I knew it. I just knew it.
I think I may die here waiting for them to fuck
I'm reading this page like "omg omg omgomnomg gomgomgomgomgomgmoggggomgomgomg"
oh god lmfao! just give in already Sensei!!!!
that's right! now go back to his place and have some hot gay sex because that's how it always happens!
oh my god horray!
DAMN him for falling asleep! GODDAMMIT T_T
oh my fuckin god I love you for this comic.
Ughhh godd I love Ryouta so much.
oh my god yes! another comic from you wooo hooooo!!!
You're not a bad teacher! now take all your clothes off and make up for it :D
omgosh I really want to see what he's wearingggggg -so excitedddd-
I just laughed so hard. I was not expecting that "oh dear god! my dick!" line at all. you are just perfect XD<33
Ryouta is sooo much better than sensei v-v...but TAKUMI IS HOPELESS.
January 24th, 2012
AW come on! you're killing me here ;o;
OH NO aw come on that's so sad. you're gonna make me cry! Ken you bastard pullin on my heart strings like this.WHY YOU DO DIS TO THE FAMILY?! v-v lol...omg puck i love you. like no're awesome
@nancchan: I love seeing Ryouta! He's so special and awesome. I adore his hair and way of shouting "fuck" <3 special brand of amazingggg.
@nancchan: stop texting, you fucker! v-v best line ever!
and another comment. I love all of Takumi's friends. They're all beautiful! Piercings and all! I love their crazy hair styles and they're all just so unique.