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... I dunno if using his tail to try and set things on fire would be a good thing. D: If I remember right, if that flame goes out he dies, right? QnQ

DON'T LISTEN TO THEM DT! DON'T USE YOUR TAIL! You'll smother your fire! QAQ
Crossing the line
Caterpies: We can haz human?
DT: F*ck you, he's mine! =_=

Then there was drastically less cuteness.
Super late!

I hope you like the new character, Bally the Ball Python. He'll be appearing in a few comics, along with other friends of Foxxy!

But what of friends of Panda? ... I dunno, I gotta ask. :/

The patterns for Bally might be... temporary. As well as this sudden urge to draw CRAPPY BACKGROUNDS! DX I should've colored it to hide the badness...

Anyway, hope you enjoy! :3
I adjusted the HUGE A** PAGE so that hopefully it's readable...

sorry it's still so HUGE.

Maybe I should just stick with what I did before...
Gaaaah, confusing MS4!!!
It's the truth and you know it. >:/

So... Yeah! Tried a demo of Manga Studio 4 for this comic strip. Do you like how it came out? It was hard at first, but it was easier after a bit of FORCED VIDEO WATCHING.

I-I mean ... studying? Yeah, studying!

Wow... 7 watchers and 100+ page views. I hope more people like this comic! Thanks again for supporting me~!

I hope to get used to this program and use it more often in the future. Especially for my second comic project... (If you watched my DA, you'd know what I mean *hint* ;D )
Thank you to my first three fans! you've actually encouraged me to get this next page out alot sooner than I had actually planned. XD

I hope you three (and you new readers as well) enjoy this next comic. If all goes well, I should update every week or so! :3

Thanks again for all your support! Andandand please stay tuned!
Still sleepy
Yeaaah... See ya guys now!

Will update ASAP.
Ok, so I'll upload these next two pages...

Do dishes...

Then go to bed. It's really late.