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I like anime, manga, yaoi and game(kingdom Hearts, Pokemon, and some of the final fantasy games) and also i love to cosplay ^_^
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omg Dumbledore is evil!! lol
I wouldn't mind seeing him pinned down by Felix again ;)
Baby looks so unhappy to meet his daddy XD
Aw so cute!!
Oooh no magical bum womb birth? ;)
XD I can imagine it would be
I don't believe anyone is going to think you are fine Snape when you are crawling out of class
Severus did you go cheating on Reglus with a Weasley? ;)
aw cute! And part of me thought he would have a little girl ;)
@DastardlyLemondrops: you were you did very well and I love reading this :3
After re-reading the whole thing again I'm ashamed to have not realized sooner ;)
@DastardlyLemondrops: yay baby bump! And it could be both, pregnancy cravings and all that ;)
@DastardlyLemondrops: XD well who doesn't love a ton of Jaffa cakes
Severus are you secretly fat or secretly pregnant ;)
April 21st, 2018
The New Page :)
oh yes sexy things are going to happen!! =D
I loved every second of this chapter, does that make me bad? ;)
September 22nd, 2017
love the new page! keep up the amazing work <3