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the flying pigs tell Margy that she doesn't have to tell you....but she will anyway.

Margy likes writing, drawing and watching anime--as well as playing soul games with her possess cat plush Deios :3
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March 9th, 2019
Look at the cute pupper! Give it a triple teat, one for each of its head. The last one might need to be a little more special but im sure it'll enjoy it x3
they could be an adorable demon couple together
Ahhh poor Roy bby. You can do iit. But now everyone will know the truuth. ahh. love this comic.
xD wow elto. Blunt aren't we? lol
shes adorable. Look at how excited she is to try using a sword.
February 21st, 2018
Wow aren't you such a lovely parent. I don't like you already. Lol, love the comic thouu.
December 29th, 2017
ahahaaha. Omg he's so dumb I love him
December 19th, 2017
Ahaha aha xD I feel like he asked for that one. Now he's nice and toasty
and there she gooes.
October 18th, 2017
ahaha. Seems like everyone is aiming for his head.
September 24th, 2017
aahah. Omg xD best reaction, Dragco's especially.
there are reasons Louie is one my favorite characters and this is one of them. xD I love his reactions so much.
helloo nightmare fuel.
why is Matt so cuute? he's adorable and jumpy. Not that I blame him for being jumpy, but stil.
the panel of her patting on the head is adoraable.
ommmg these adorable babies! My heaart
Oooh my~
god hes so cuute ommgg
something tells me this is going to be a loong, bumpy ride doown. Either that or a quick, painful one xD
October 5th, 2016
why is pulse so adorable. Omg he giggled. send help