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A revival of sorts.
So it's been a reeeally long time since the last time I worked on this. I've gone and finished school since. My art style has changed, greatly. So that's contributed to the gap as well.
We've decided though, to try and finish this chapter in the same style (as best as I can emulate it - luckily I still have most of my old files to work off) and then chapter two onwards will reflect whatever style I've been most comfortable drawing recently - which has quite a bit less manga influence.
I was gonna schedule it for this thursday. But I think the delay has been long enough.
Enter Zak
Sorry it took so long. Like Jordan said, it's been a busy month.
Can't say much 'cuz I gotta get back to work, so enjoy the page.
I should say this now before the next page is due...
Because of the increasing workload from school, I'm pretty sure I won't be able to keep up with the current weekly schedule. So expect delays from this point on.
Sorry. I'll try my best to keep up, but school definitely has priority.

Anyway, I hope you guys are enjoying the comic so far.
Thanks a lot!
And yes, keep checking. We update once a week on Thursday evenings.
This is easily my favourite one.
...I actually really like it. I'm all for melancholy.
Thanks to whoever did this. And happy holidays.
Shiko says words like "smidge..."
...that's character development for ya.

There's a whole lot of other circumstances where "Kuya" could be used even for someone who isn't the speaker's older brother. For simplicity's sake though, we're only dealing with what I put on the page.
Also, most of its other uses can usually be understood easily with context.
So I got a little lazy with Les' hat design... sue me. I still think it's great.
I would love a hat like that...
Page flow before and after this page might seem a little choppy (in terms of plot and style --- although the latter has been an issue for a while.)
It's because this is currently the latest finished page. Well 'duh!'

What I mean is this is the most recent page I've drawn, but there are three pages after this that was already finished. Basically, I drew them out of order. Not a big deal, really.
Starting from the next page, it should flow pretty smoothly. Or at least, as originally intended.
Thanks. They're coming... I'm just dealing with a few things...
lol, that phrase is being thrown around a lot (by me, certainly.) I don't even know what that means anymore...
Yeah, the next page is running a little late. And if anyone noticed, so did the last page.

This was actually the reason why. I'm fairly new at drawing female characters. So when I decided to add another female that wasn't Shiko, I knew I had to work on that.
So this filler is a cleaned up version of my last page of drafts for this girl. She's the primary reason the last two comic pages have been late (as well as the upcoming one.) As for the other reasons... I'm still very busy. I'd give it another month, but don't quote me on that.

Anyway, I kinda like the idea of character sketch sheets, so I might post one for each character I introduce. ^_^
lol, what?

I just realized I really like the concept for this cover. I'm starting to think I should've done it at a higher resolution...
And possibly coloured their mouths in.
I absolutely love it! Hooray for this!
You wouldn't.
I might as well say this here... The comic will be on a one-hopefully-month hiatus. I won't have enough free time to properly focus on this (seriously, I'm busy --- can you believe it?) And as proven by this comic... me + distractions = half-assed pages.
What do you mean exactly about the perspective? But you know what, I couldn't argue anyway.
Since my comp got formatted, I've forgotten where I was going with this chapter. So I've just been rushing it now.

Hopefully, the next chapter will be more polished, since the script itself is already written (unlike this one, where I pretty much wrote as I drew it for the last half.)
That being said, I'll probably just archive this, or restart with chapter two (making it chapter one, and this into a pilot/prologue.)

As for inking... For this page? I don't know. But some pages were inked purely on the tablet, and whatever I did on paper was inked with microns and cheap black markers (for the large areas.)
Second Filler
I really have nothing to post this week, so here's a very early look at cover art for a later chapter.