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*Is happy that to have someone else move to New Orleans. Welcomes you as a fellow New Orleanian*
@Koren: As a narcoleptic, I would take offense to this... if it weren't true.
@MK_Wizard: ...

*Offers you a bowl of vanilla ice cream*
I'm getting a very bad vibe from that car in the background in panel six.
@Ehhwa: Took the words right out of my mouth.
February 26th, 2019
@makogun2000: Nice DA reference.
February 14th, 2016
@ilostmyway: In my experience, I've dealt with people who claim that they are tired of life and just want to 'end it all', which basically amounts to suicide. But more often than not, they just want attention because they aren't getting it anywhere else. There is no justifiable reason to want to kill yourself. Whatever you are going through, I assure you others have been through it as well. You can get help. Killing yourself is ultimately selfish, and ultimately meaningless. It doesn't solve anything.
December 3rd, 2015
@Strypgia: Well from what we've seen, Saburo must have been pretty insecure about his relationship with Kaworu in the first place. He wanted Kaworu to be his and his alone because he believed no one could love Kaworu like him.

When Rei starts to enter the picture, that insecurity of his starts to come forth again, which is one of the reasons why Saburo bothered Rei so much about his relationship with Kaworu. He believed that if Rei was out of the picture, no one would be able to come between him and Kaworu.

From what I've been getting from Saburo lately, his behavior seems to stem close to the 'Yandere' zone. I really hope that's not the case.
December 3rd, 2015
Not gonna lie, I seriously yelped when I saw this page right now.
December 3rd, 2015
@DarthRoden: If that's how girls are, what do the guys do?
December 2nd, 2015
Is it okay to have women crawling all over you when you have a fiancee and are about to be married the next day? I know its a bachelor's party, but I just want to make sure before I host my own in the future.
December 2nd, 2015
Do the strippers there really snort coke? I've never been to Vegas or a strip club (girlfriend won't let me), so I'm not sure.
I get a Mad Max vibe from this strip.
@CityFairies: But who was who did Mr. Boddy in?
This actually happened to me once when I was working as a Return clerk in Walmart.

A woman tried to return a badly damaged dress to us, knowing full well she wasn't going to get a refund, because:

1. We didn't sell that dress there.
2. Even if we did, she didn't have a receipt.
3. The dress, as I mentioned, was badly damaged.

When I explained to her, as such, she went into a whole tirade about how men are just oppressing women, trying to make them feel bad. (The whole thing was dumb and awkward) Then, out of the blue, she ends up arguing with a man behind her in line, who, decided to put his nose in the woman's business.

My manager wound up having to call security to have them both escorted out of the store.
@TheGreys: Hey, don't mess with sleeping kittens. Those guys are vicious when woken up before meal time.
At least she LIKES him. Most people can barely TOLERATE you.
August 19th, 2015
I don't know what I like more about this page: the dialogue or the girls as silhouettes.
August 19th, 2015
@True beast mode : He'd cum on her breasts, her face. Basically, anywhere on the outside of her body.
As my wise friend always tells me, 'Only the boring get bored.'