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-not a professional critic-
I've been reading this comic forrrr about a year? Probably longer. I don't comment much but I do lurk. Cause I careeee.
As for the review I see some people jumping to your defense and I think you must be a wonderful writer/artist/person/world conquerer to have that. And I personally do love your work.
I come for the art but I stay for the hints of history. I usually read BL for the romance bit but I LOVE how you built this entires world of races, religion, technology, geography. I mean the work that must have took is just extraordinary to me and I come to learn more about your comic's world.
As for shallow characters, I do see some very uninteresting characters that I don't care about. (Not naming names.) And I'm don't see the character development much where someone seems to change from having learned something, but I don't usually notice that until a series is over and I read it over again, so sorry if I missed it.
I love Tommy. I'm not in love with Dake, he's adorable and I love his belly, but Tommy is a big reason in my being here because of his history and family. The part where you can see his past is my favorite part. So I love that, and I would love to see more of that.
The comic is slow moving, in significant plot wise, but I do see some plot. I didn't see it until recently, but its there. It saddens me you are more than half done cause that's less time to learn more about histories like with Cain and Eila, Dake's past, Tommy's past, and so on. Id love to see more of that.
But the way I see it is that you've kept me and so many others here for so long, and without a significant amount of man sex for one to argue people are just here for the pornz. So in my opinion, you are doing something right.
I've said something similar to my own cat, funny enough.
Except it was more along the lines of "Dick-Pussy".
My cat still hates me.
Waldo Sighting?
The woman in panel two looks quite similar to Lady Kara from Pictures of You by Sir Twist.

I must thank you for introducing me to the appeal of lady beards. I'll never look at a mustache the same way again without imagining a woman behind it. Bravo.
I've gone out at way later times to get ice cream. Despite having to get up 6am the following morning.
Ice cream is worth it.
;-; Poor Hades
The cuteness is too much D: Don't fall for it Hades Q AQ
o wo;;
Am I like the slowest person for realizing the Eez is Zee spelled backwards? 8D;;
- w- Hawt Dude is hawt.
D: .... ;-; David doesn't have amnesia does he?
Cocoa Neko
January 22nd, 2010
D: Ho shit she's a giant!
Cocoa Neko
January 19th, 2010
xD Hehehehe
Awesome place to crash Dude. xD
o 3o All ya fans lurve you~ ;D

>w<~ Tommy looks so cuddly on this page~ xD
Be all Seaky Like
That's right Desta. Just put on your pants... THEN RUNNN. Ermm.. I mean, SAVE DAVID. >__> Yeah...
Poor Poor Desta Dx Michael and his uncle can all burn in a fiery inferno! D< Like Mrs. Lovett from Sweeney Todd - 3-
Titty Dance = Win. So yes, it makes me feel better.
I believe Patrick is doing more than getting high. OR this can just be a delusion from my fantasies.
I really like the fireworks. *o* Can't wait till next chapter!
8D Holy Crap first post!
8D Aw but your art is so awesome! xD Made of win <3 Tis not fail.
xDDDD Eric as Seme would make me giggle.
8D This comic is freaking for the win!!!
And oh my gosh I squealed like a little girl when I saw you have the same exact birthday as me xD
This comic is so good... I just found it and spent the past hour reading it all. ;o; Awesome~
Desta's hair is so pweety. ;-; Cocoa wish she had hair like that. T.T
o.o Note to Self: NEVER call a crazy person crazy. >>;;