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I like books, anime, manga, and video games.
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Lol, chibi people are awesome!
Also, I now wonder why Hiwatari Ken is here? Also, will him not being a student affect the magician contest? Or was the whole thing made up just so that he could be dramatically revealed? Lol, you don;t really have to answer those.
Don't worry, I could tell that Seiso teleported. I'm just worried for Eiji. Will he be able to dodge? Will he even be able to counter attack? Will the young protagonist survive this fateful encounter with the mysterious darkness magic user? Will he...okay, I'll stop now. But I really do want to know the answers :)

Also, I do agree that the comments section is pretty empty. :( While I usually do read the pages as they come out, sometimes I'm a ninja and I don't comment. Maybe the other readers are full-time ninjas?
ooh, that last panel! I wonder what Torite is going to counter-attack with?!
Also, I kind of agree with him, that only your skills matter. If I had magical abilities, I would like to learn about both just so I could understand the strengths and weaknesses. But, I can also understand why Eiji thinks he's a traitor.
wow, you drew this page 2 years ago? it's so old! (no offense meant, just an observation).

It's perfectly okay that the matches are just narrated; I wanna see Eiji-knu against Hiwatari-kun in a *real* match. Although Eiji against Torite is interesting too.

It seems like it would be really hard to draw magic duels.
About time you updated!

Just kidding, I know how life can be hectic! Thank you for continuing on with this web-comic! Honestly, almost all of the web-comics I started following when I first joined smackjeeves are no longer updating or are on an unending hiatus. Contradiction is the only one that's still going! (I joined back in 2007)

lol, don't stop drawing side-stories because those are often important to character development! I just don't think a lot could have happened in the 2 weeks before the contest (just my opinion).

Also, I love the variety of contestants. You have young and teenage-aged faces drawn really well; I think you just need to work on older faces. (I know its really hard, and I can't draw old people!)

I think it's gonna be a really interesting contest.
I like the time skip! Sometimes it's just best to cut straight to the point.

And I just love Mayu's expression and little speech.
Ooh, Aritaka must be pretty strong to be a contender (then again, he is (sorta?) a main character, and main characters always have awesome skills, unless they are Ruya). And he's second in command, so I guess it only makes sense for him to compete in the tournament. It's just weird because his personality doesn't really show that he is so strong.

And yeah, the panels are a little awkward, but I think most readers would be focused on their expressions, which are well done.
aha! I knew it! actually, I was quite unsure, but at least my suspicions are now confirmed! And I can't wait to see the magician contest and the annual contest results, too!
Absolutely love this page! The expressions, the body positions, everything is just awesome!
Eh, Seiso's actions could be seen as threatening. I think I saw him more as harassing Ki because I though he was more annoying than evil (I tend to think the best of people/imaginary characters, lol). But this page has definitely changed my perception.

Also, dark magic from a light user? ooh, i knew there was something unusual about him.
aww, poor Ki! Not only did he drop to second place this year, but he's also being slightly harassed.

I was actually kind of surprised with the poll results; I never expected Eiji-kun to win! I mean, he's a nice guy and all, but nice guys are supposed to finish last (or so the saying goes)!
lol, 232 out of 240? well, I guess it's good that she's not last then. And that the number of how many people are in her specific year?
And wow, that application looks huge!
I am so glad that they don't publicly display grades here in the US. And I hope Ruya's grade won't be too low.

Can't wait to see the poll results!
Ooh, what an ominous first panel!
I feel kind of bad for Eiji sometimes. He's a little under-appreciated.
And yeah, I realized after posting my last comment, that the department choice is permanent, right? So now I'm wondering what this new student's history is with Ki (and I have to go back a page and see what his name is, because i can't remember, lol).
A magic-proof school building makes complete sense! I mean, they try to make schools fire-proof by adding sprinklers (and in my old high school, asbestos O_o), so it only makes sense to protect against a different kind of danger.

Also, I'm gonna venture a guess and say that the returning senior was actually once in the darkness department? This may just be a random musing, but I got to thinking this because all the returning seniors I know are ones who have switched their college major.

Finally, wow, could Ki be any more rude, lol. I forgive him though since he's in a bad mood. XD
As a very wise person in some movie once said, "there is no such thing as coincidence"; especially true in the manga world!
And lol, that was just the reaction I was expecting from Eiji when Ki actually accepted the duel.
Honestly though, I do worry about the school building and the other students whenever Eiji and Ki duel. Ever since I learned about Ki's father's back story, I always hope that the same thing doesn't happen to him.
Heh, leave it to Ki to interrupt things.
Well, at least he interrupted a very awkward moment.
whew...finally caught up :) (I haven't read Contradiction in about 9+ months, so I decided to start over this morning...and now I will try to actually read panels when they come out.)

Eiji, leave Ruya-chan alone! I agree that if you love someone, you shouldn't give up, but don't go around forcing kisses on the poor girl! And if she wants you to shut it, don't talk!
Extremely cute! beautiful coloring, as always.