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Long time no see! Thanks for the update, and good luck with school! It took me ten years to get my degree, and it was such a joy and a relief to have it hanging on my wall and on my resume.

Glad the comic's not dead, catch you after graduation!
The fun thing about characters who draw the same as their creators, they're technically drawing extreme photo realism.
The middle panel makes it look like he's a drawing on a page, and mentioning Time made the artist upset enough to stop drawing him properly. Or...threaten to stop drawing him properly? Erase him from the story they're telling?

I'm starting to get theories about this.

And here I thought Atty'd be prime Team Rocket recruit material. He hates the whole Pokemon thing enough, and getting paid to do what they do would probably tempt him, even with the stupid song.
He is nice because he is a p*r*i*n*c*e! Obviously. :|

Or he is secretly making a porn.

Or he is recruiting for a super upscale brothel and wants to start off with a taste of what his new job could be like.

Or he is a time traveler and knows that Erik is his true love. *3*
@everyone who said otherwise: The last time we saw him he was in the ball, at least. Time might have passed.

Now, I bet he's going to "capture" Dragonthing and she's going to think he's the most AWESOME TAMER EVER and never leave his side. NEVER. o_o
He never said "No wearing my underwear."

As I'm sure Simon is aware. The look on his face in that fourth panel is a plotting one, not a no-snuggling one.
You just know the pink sparkles are all in Sergio's head.
XD Don't complain about things being boring in gray, or before you know it you'll be COLORING these. With COLOR.

Not that we'd mind either way. :3
February 25th, 2011
It's sad, because even if it does stay in the ball, my reaction will be "Congratulations! You manage to not lose to a tiny little worm! Aren't you so proud of your dominion over one of the tiniest, most insignificant Pokemon."