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I don't speak good english, so may have grammer mistakes. I'm learning though. Sorry! Anyway, I love Pokemon. Espesially the Johto starters. Chikorita, Leafeon, and Budew are my favorites. I like shojo and some BL. I know some Japanese too. I'm kinda shy but I like to make friends. (>//V//<)

*Tomodachi ni narimashou!* =3
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Uh oh! Momo-chan got in trouble! Luckily teacher did not send to detetion. X3
Please do not forget cameos! XO
Please so not forget cameos! X)
October 16th, 2009
AH! Jun-kun is so mean! Stealing pockey very bad! Riona-san should have revenge. X3
ahahaha! Jun is very funny! Sorry for being gone long time, school is being a meanie! >:x But is back for awhile! Mr. Blah Blah is also very funny! XD
It means you "lost"! XD
chikorita is my favorite!
They're all adorable!!! They are the Johto startes too, so am extra happy! Sorry for bad english. X3
*hehe* Mayumi-neesan is so funny! I like this page very much. Keep up the nice job! X3
*hehe* Maybe he should pick a different Pokemon! XD
Funny story so far! Cannot wait for next update! :3
Way to go, Kitsu-san! Even silent people can lend a hand. :3
Awwww I love story so far! Very very funny and cute! Can't wait for next update! X3
Me too...I thought was kiss but then read the author comment. :) Gomen ne, Ai-neesan! Or should I call Ai-san? *hehe* They don't along good do they? X3
awwww thank you! I was afraid you have to many. ^_^
Kitsu is just to cute! XD
September 21st, 2009
Lots of good stuff in story. I love this a lot! x3
Awwww this comic is so cute! It drawn very nicely! x3
This drawn very well! I like a lot! Cannot wait for the next update. >v<
Wow! I like story. Very cool. It okay to submit cameo? Or have enough? (>//v//<)
You draw Pokemon really good. This story has the Johto starters in it, so I like very much. (^//v//^)