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Invisibules comics -- where what you don't see is what you get.
Wow, a joke from the 1950s! The amazing "Around The Horne" had this joke as:

What a fine palayourno!
Don't you mean palamino?
Well, any palayourno is a palamino.

You still made me laugh!
and I thought...
... that one of my comic characters was co-starring here. Ho hum :-)
but watch out...
for those wheelie chairs -- sometimes the AI component in them is turned up too high...
I'd always wondered why those cheques were so big -- "four million" doesn't have THAT many digits! Anyway, it's never going to fit into the envelope.
how about (drum roll) a logarithmic scale! (ta daa!)

look, I can make the wings flap...
funny, today isn't my birthday either! Happy unbirthday to us both.

And on the subject of retro:

-- Andrew
you should warn people how dangerous this game is. If you drop molten bits of marshmallow into the lava the whole earth will explode (not just the bit where your sofa is, the Whole Earth)
obviously this chicken is "ready to eat"