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urm im 5,2, brown hair, brown eyes, i like anime, manga, my fave anime is naruto, im insanly obsessed with the akatsuki, i like yaoi ^///^, my hobbies are, writting stories, looking at DeviantART, talking to friends, and other various things
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why am i thinking - of will from Fresh Prince of Belair
gaahhhh theres something really familiar about the characters your dudes of awesome are dressed as, but i can't for the life of me think of what it is, it's sooo familiar it's annoying, could you please tell me
Huuuuurrrrghhhh I hate that question, the horrific moment when you get asked what you might want to eat and most of the time you struggle to figure out what you want it totally sucks and it's not just with food, it's with anything when you get asked that horrible question
Bit the egg sack is on the peel, just peel the banana and throw the peel away, it wouldn't be that hard plus if you stuck the peel in a recycle waste bin you'd be giving lots of spider babies a good temp home
A lot of people want to be rich and famous, personally I think they are totally mad if they want that, what I'd prefere is maybe being known in a small form and have enough money to take care of bills and not worry about debts and still have enough left over to treat myself but enough where it's too much money but enough to not feel guilty about it :3
That's like when you have a new phone and, if like me you like to leave the screen protector on for as long as possible but somehow, just somehow, dust and dirt seam to get under the protector sheet, it's so annoying
Ah yes work and the distraction and the distraction seams to win a lot ... It's fatal when you need to get with something important, because you can always think of things to do instead of doing the work you have to get done
that blonde one, who we don;t even know the naqme of, well we don't know either of them but the blonde pervert reminds me of jiraya from Naruto
what? thats it? the end?!! nuuuuooooo, don't end it, it's really good, althougj i got confussled at some points, it was still awesome and fun to read, you can't stop now!!!
i sad to here this is finishing, but happy to know there might be a sequel, this comic is just fab! and i think your idea pair pairing up Shuuji and Taka is brill, totally agree to it. hope to hear about any new updates soon :3
wow that was ... blunt and very to the point
incest is frownd upon ...

but who cares!! this is fanfiction! whooop:3 go on boys get in there, nice and deep
hahaahahahaaa! oh my gosh that JB crack, made me laugh so hard, my mum gave me a deranged look then i laughed harder, oh that was just pure class that :3
very well done
awwwww pooor haru~chan, that skanky piece of trash made him cry!!! im glad she got punched
i can hardly read these rough scans TT.TT
hoe noe
why do i see scuttle telling them something very pervy

fufufu >:3
wooow soo true
its simple but sutal (cant spell)

i like these little comics they are cute and educational (in a good way)

when i look at his face in the last pannel, to me it seams like he's never seen a buger before and he's in drool-shock :3
i love this comic but i find it hard to keep up and understand it
i hope you have a good day, im sure you'll find something to make you happy, plus THEY ARE SO CUTE TOGETHER!!! loving the dress, and i agree, top hats are awesome, i dont have one but i do have a mafia hat