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Im back with a new comic to furthen the plot. Yes through Ryan's confusion from the riddle, Waddle Goo figured out where the first star is. The last part I wanted to add to make it rhyme. And Wham Bam Rock is not the guardian, but you'll see soon enough.
lol nice. please note that the group still needs the mystic stars to do anything though, and We have yet to hear of where they are, maybe the guardian will know. Oh and nice effects masto, if only I didn't have paint.
I finally managed to beat the True Arena with suplex after all this time. Don't everyone else who played this game think that Galacta is easier than Marx Soul?
I lost 10 times to Galcta with suplex until I discovered a secret when I was using beam. Anywho, Marx is demanding a duel with Galacta Knight. I may add a part 2 but this will be the last filler here for a while I promise.
When it's New Years,
It's also my birthday! I want to thank mastokid for asking to take part in my comics. I also want to thank the fans who faved this comic and I hope this comic brings joy to many.
Happy New Year! I hope everyone has their resolutions made up.
You can't have Christmas with out a Christmasy filler right?
Yup. Just wishing everyone who reads this a Merry, Merry Christmas.
Okay... not so much magic as much as a guest star.
Yep. Im adding a new character, Waddle-Goo! (mastokid)And masto, thanks for asking to be in the comics, I apreciate a fan who likes my comics so much.
The plot thickens...
Now we know what the test must be right? Sounds simple enough, but is it really that simple? Don't worry, Ryan will have some partners on his journey
My debut...
Yep Im in the comic. Dont worry, I'm not gonna be godlike or anything, Im actually just a normal bugzzy who give Dees a test. Mostly because the receptionist is too busy to give the normal test papers out. Anyway, this kinda explains why I havent updated in a while: I got too much work from school. Anyway, lets find out this secret. <.<, >.>, '.'
Well Done. I really like spectree most.
Go Waddle!
C'mon Waddle Dee, We know you can win ^((^^))>
Lol poor sonic.
Don't you have that phrase? Now how will Ryan get his chicken?
Waddle DEE!!!
Go Waddle Dee! He is unstopable.
Best comic so far *faved*
All hail the waddle dees!
Theres always a catch to these kind of things isn't there?
Don't ya hate those dimensional paradoxes?
Dear Kirby,
Many Waddle Dees are comming to your house and will throw bannana cream pies at you. They will float down with their Parasols.

~ Mariohunter
P.S. Just a heads up Because the leader of the Waddle dee throw pies club mentioned it
Ehehehe Hello
Well poor Ryan will have a nasty headache now.