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That one grunt is looking directly at the "camera" and it looks like he only just realized he's being filmed.
Iggy: The Face Maker.
I'd probably do the same in his situation.
Remember that scene from the silent hill movie where Alyssa dances in the rain of blood?

If I wouldn't be burned to a crisp-that's what I would have done in this situation.
I hate bug pokemon. >.<
Somebody likes the movie I right? And rather has a fondness for hades?>.>

XD still, its oddly appropriate.
OH SNAP! Bernadette! you best feed soon or else you're going to feel reeaaaallly bad about killing a friend.
>.>; i never read it on an actual schedule so i didn't know it was late. your comic is very dark. in a good way. its your art style i makes it all ominous

...and then you break that with your witty comments that make me giggle X3. I'd be sad if you disappeared
Bug Catcher Wants to Battle!
Bug Catcher sends out Caterpi!

Atticus uses "Mug Trainer"
It's Super Effective!

This is how I see the battle going >.>