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These two cause me to have fits of cuteness overload... And that's never a bad thing <3
Happy Belated Birthday!!
I'm glad you enjoyed your trip! c:

Oh Val how we love you so~

And about the Comic Hovel thing. Apparently something happened with the website and for every user that logs in, they have to create a new password through the forgot password link because of it :<
Aw, poor bby >: Harsh reality smacking him against the wall... And not in a good way
Least it told Jacob that Abel does not approve u: Now Val can come in and take care of him //shot
Why do we enjoy the suffering of our favorite characters? |D But I am just going to guess by Abel's initial reaction he is not very pleased.
Well, least he's already heading to hell, but it'll just get worse when Zadel finds out :'D;;
Oh man... I can already see how fast this is going to end up getting bad/awkward... And I can't wait B) <3
and I really like the pen shading you've done~ Helps give more depth and feeling. <3
I swear I fangasmed when I saw that incentive of Duo. So glad to get back into this after so long > v < //excite
My heart can't take all of this adorable wibbling D:
I do like her, she's pretty BA xDD

Yeah... grew up with the dubs... NEVER AGAIN... Dx United Statians suck [lol I am TOTALLY not one |D;;]

I gots lots of anime I need to catch up on... xP And fics to read... :P
Yeah.. don't be talking smack about Ariel's man. xD
Internets dying is never good D:
Don't hide Abel! She always sees you... >.>
EDIT: I don't. xP Already sent~
I really need an extension... I've tried to work with anything either art or school related, but my back went totally out and I can barely sit at the computer just to type, so trying to draw for hours straight would kill me... ;A;
I can try to get something together beforehand for you though~ ;w; <3
Yay! I love it when you don't die!! xD
Seb is a pretty sexy piece of old man... *awkward silence prz*
I love the little details everywhere, from the beakers to the fluffy clouds on the tissue box xP
And I LOVE the new cover!! It seems to give it a dark, deep feeling, but gives of a certain brightness that could be explained by the witty humour. :D
I am working on contesty stuff as I... type ? >.>;;

I like livestream, I can't think of any particular day, but time-wise maybe late-afternoon/early evening? If you consider people do stuff in the morning and early afternoon. Now I'm blathering xDD
Aw... I hope you gets better!! ;w;

I am so psyched for the contest!! >w<

Now go lie down and not die... ;w;
Woo! 3rd Anniversary!! I love how DOMES has been around this long~ >w<
And I love Zaddy's Mom, she's so beautifully evil~~

Keep up the work and don't wear yourself out!! I'm looking forward to more of your awesome-sauce-ness~~ xP
That's a hilariously cute face for Abby x3
Realization! It was a dream that made him happy... in the pants... xP
Abby's face is so...intense in the first panel... I wonder why...? :P
And I love the new banner! It's so cute, but I was wondering why abby looks kinda... drunk in it. xP I guess Zaddy can hold his liquor... not really[?] xDD
But it's cute~ I love it xP

Aww... you should get sleep! I would say this, but then I'd be a hypocrite... eh, I am anyways so... SLEEP!
Man, that sounds like me, after doing twenty different things at once, and not the same things you started the day before just to plop into bed for a few hours and waking up to start it all over again... Px

But anyways... You go and rest! Or I'll come after you D8<
Omg! Imageshack removed Comic Hovel incentive?? oAo;
How dare they?!?!

Aaannnywaaayyyss... he is quite happy in the pants lulz... >w<
As long as you are updating, I don't care if it's color or B&W, I love your work either way~ >w<
Baww... ;A; When I get my new compu I'll play RO with you~

It's funny having two completely opposite people in the same room. xD
I see a lil' sumthin stick out down there >8D

btw *off topic* I just read zomiter's comment and lol'd really badly, mostly because I use that saying way too much xP
But this page does remind of that, but much MUCH hott-- better ^^;
I lol'd SO HARD at the last panel. XDDDD

Where do you come up with Tommy's one-liners? xD
Lol I had to walk away to laugh in my room really loudly for five minutes because of this page! xDD
Ana's face = priceless
I shall forever remember this page. xD

They're not being dirty... Just curious... :P
This page is just win... ^o^

I wish I could play RO... I got as far as making an account and a character[not even], then my computer killed it... ;A;
Ooh... Naughty Jacob... >w>
For a first attempt of seduction with someone who really lacks emotion... Val's doing a VERY good job... xP

Art CONTESTTTT!!! *noms* I would definitely join that contest!!! >w<

Oh and... Val's eyes remind me of those white jellybeans... >.>