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BL/yaoi/slash, whatever you want to call it, I'm addicted.
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That page just won you the internet.

*huggles Dake*
*huggles Tommy*
Oh wow. I mean, my greatgrandmum had 18 siblings or so (dunno how many of those actually survived O.o), my grandmum had 8 siblings (that survived), my mum had two, though the oldest died when he was three... I'm an only child and so is my cousin. And it's the same with the rest of the branches. Slowly thinning out. ._.
On a different note; Find a closet to snog in!

Edit: ... is that an elephant? O.o

Molester chibi.... *LUFFLES*
edit: AND! *added 1st post molestation*
The third panel = EPIC WIN!
tho' fourth certainly is appreciated! GET THE MOST OUT OF IT WHILE YOU CAN TOMMY! GROPE DAT ASS!
Commando FTW! Lovelaaaay blush, but what is Tommy looking at? O.o
1st post of molestation!


Ass. Nice ass. *grope*

*crawls into bed with Tommy*

Gris means pig in my language .__.
Aaaw, Tommy-cakes! D:

*starts making chicken-soup*
Nudge nudge, wink wink! (KISS KISS!)
*steals the brothers*
Santa... O_O
"Mummy, is that santa?"

And of course he's not dead.
Tommy + dead = no smex. *twitch*
Tommy + alive = eventual smex! *cheers* =3

Now do it again, without mentioning the dead people!
*_* I want fork-gloves too.
Her head is... kinda... big? Is she a demon? ;)

Yup, strangely enough the Fortuna in my name partly comes from that.
O.o Mindreader! But I think most people know it, even if they don't know the name.
1. Well I know what I'm having for dinner!
2. I'm a goddess, dontchaknow.
Oh my... O_O

I can honestly say that my focus was NOT on the hair.
... Meatballs adds character? O.o



Birdy? T_T

Edit; first post, yay!
The sad thing is, as much as I love this comic and squeal when it's updated, the thing that really caught my attention this time was the farmhouse painting in the background.
The top panel is gorgeus!

And woot to daring hands, slip more NAO. =3